Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It’s No Wonder

I know this little recipe is floating all over the internet right now, but just incase you haven't had these yet, I figured it was my civil duty to post it again. I originally had these little delicacies a few years ago when my friend, Dena, made them for a little playgroup. I was smitten. Completely in love. She posted the recipe on her blog a few months back and I immediately pinned it so I wouldn't forget about 'em. We had a party the other night and these were the PERFECT little party dessert. Easy, quick, and sinfully delicious.


1 pkg. Oreos

1 pkg. cream cheese

Chocolate Almond bark OR Baker's Semi Sweet Chocolate {melted}


I used my haus of a food processor for this recipe. That sucker takes in a whole package of Oreos with room to spare. Halleluia. 1st step...crush your Oreos. If you don't have a food processor, just divide the Oreos into two separate baggies and beat the junk out of 'em until they're finely crushed :)


Next up, mix Oreos with a package of cream cheese. I added my {softened} cream cheese to the food processor as well. Of course, you can do this by hand if you need to...just takes a little bit more elbow grease.


Form the mixture into one inch balls and place on parchment paper. Melt the chocolate {I used chocolate almond bark}, and then dip the balls into the chocolate and fully coat all sides. Just use a spoon to roll 'em all around. Remove and place on parchment paper.


If you freeze the balls for about 30 minutes to an hour{ish}, they'll be a *little* easier to roll in the chocolate. Once they're all coated, transfer them to the fridge to let 'em harden.


This is a GREAT little dessert to take to parties or gift to neighbors & friends. They couldn't be easier to make...and they're SO unbelievable delicious!! It’s no wonder milk's favorite cookie is Oreo!!!!


  1. I have made these before too and you are right - they are incredibly easy to make and SO delicious!

  2. I think i saw something like this on pinterest but you didnt dip them into chocolate, and you made them into squares and but them into stockings at christmas. I thought it was neat.