Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yum to da Scrum

That’s gangsta for , “DANG!!!  That’s good y’all!!”.  When I first saw this recipe on Lyric’s blog, I knew we had to try it.  I just don’t know why we waited SO long!!!  I made a few little changes to the recipe and love the way it turned out.  I love how versatile this dish can be…served over rice, in a tortilla, with tortilla chips, or all by it’s lonesome.  Since we made it for dinner and had leftovers the next day, I tried it ALL of those ways :)  And it was good with
2-3 chicken breasts, cut into small bite-sized pieces
1-2 tsp. cumin
1/2 yellow onion, chopped
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 green bell pepper, chopped
1 can black beans, drained
1-1/2 cups salsa {I used Joe T. Garcia’s}
1/2 of an 8oz. pkg of cream cheese
2 tomatoes, chopped
1/2-1 cup(s) shredded cheddar cheese
Spray a large skillet with cooking spray.  Cut up chicken into bite-sized pieces and toss into the skillet with onions and cumin and saute until chicken is cooked.  I used 2 tsp. of cumin because I LOVE the taste!!! 
When chicken is cooked, add bell peppers and saute for 2 minutes.
Add salsa.  Cook for 2 minutes.  {Are you starting to see a pattern?!}
Cut your brick of cream cheese right down the middle and toss one half into the skillet.  Saute until cream cheese is melted and smooth…about 2 minutes ;)
Now throw in the black beans and tomatoes, stir well, and transfer to an 8x8 baking dish.
Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes.  Remove from oven and top with shredded cheddar cheese and cook for an additional 5 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly.
Now it’s time for you to get creative!!
Serve it over rice for a yum little mexican chicken rice bowl.  Smother it in a tortilla and make yourself a mexican chicken burrito.  Eat it all by itself OR scoop it up with tortilla chips.  Whatever way you eat it, you’re sure to LOVE the taste!!!  Yum to da scrum ;)


  1. Yummm!!! I think I have almost everything for this recipe! I must try it now!

  2. This looks to.die.for! I am definitely trying it this week!

  3. I've made this a few times now and I LOVE it!! Great, simple, tasty recipe!