Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Seasonal Attempts at Craftiness

I swore to myself this year that I’d make a better effort to be crafty.  Hmmm.  Not going like I planned.  Between my full-time job, my full-time kids, and my half-time domestic duties, I fell short in the crafting department.  But…here are a few little things I attempted this season…

Just a little paint, mod podge, distressed ink pad, hot glue, & glitter for this little "number” :)

Details:  Found the board at Hobby Lobby ~ $1.50.  I painted it with black acrylic paint.  I found the numbers there, too!

The black & white print is scrapbooking paper that I cut to fit on top of the board.  I mod podged it, let it dry, and then used my distressed ink pad to dirty up the edges. 

I painted the numbers a fun orange, let them dry, and then brushed on glue and sprinkled on the glitter.  Once they were dry, I hot glued them to the board.  DONE! 

And yes…these would be SO fun for Christmas…Valentine’s Day & St. Patrick’s, too!


And some mod podge & distress ink for this one…

Details:  Found the paper mache numbers at Hobby Lobby.  Cut the scrapbook paper to fit & decoupaged.  Once it was dry, I used my distress ink pad to dirty the edges.


And this one might be my favorite.  It took a little more elbow grease, but I love the way it turned out!!  And I love that it can adorn my porch through the Thanksgiving holidays :)


I bought 3 plastic”y” pumpkins at Wal Mart for $5 each and I found this great pot at Home Depot for $3 {it was on sale!}  I spray painted the pumpkins with Rustoleum Antique Brass Metallic Spray Paint, let it dry, and then dirtied ’em up with my favorite Valspar antiquing glaze.  The pot was a crazy blue, so I spray painted it Kona Brown and then used a metallic paint pen to add my address :)  I would’ve used vinyl, but I didn’t like the colors I had on hand.  Anyway, I shoved a dowel rod through the center of the pumpkins to get them to stack and then set it on top of a bed of moss inside the pot.  Voila!  A little front porch fun & can keep out through Thanksgiving :)  And I LOVE the antiqued look!!!



  1. Hold on! I love it all, but I am especially loving the first "31" project. More details! Did you use a stencil? What is the background - wood, or did it come like that? So, so cute. I love making stuff like this for gifts over the holidays - I'm thinking a "25" one could be cute for Christmas, too! I'm dying for the pumpkins...but yes, a little more elbow grease than I'm willing to dole out right now. :)

  2. Oooh...maybe I should've included that, too! HA!! I'll go back and add the details, now!
    But no, no stencil! The background is a little wooden board I found at Hobby Lobby. I cut the black & white print scrapbook paper to fit and then decoupaged it on. Once it was dry, I used my distress ink pad to dirty the edges. I found the numbers at Hobby Lobby also, painted them orange, then brushed on glue and sprinkled glitter on top of that. Once it was all dry, I hot glued the numbers to the board and voila!! SUPER easy!! And seriously...I've already got a Christmas one in the works!! SUCH an easy and cute idea!!

  3. fantastic idea! beautiful pumpkins and i lurve the numbers!

  4. WOW...LOVE all of these!!! Definitely might be stealing some of them! :)

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