Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holiday Planning

Yep.  It’s happened.  AGAIN.  I’m in a cooking funk.  SO…I have no new recipes to share with you.  I’m diggin’ through my arsenal of yummies and have been stickin’ to tried and true recipes.  Part of my funk has to do with the lack of my motivation to get to the grocery store.  UGH.  SO…I’ve been usin’ what we have around the kitchen and let me tell ya…I’ve depleted almost everything.  SO…that means new recipes coming soon because I have NO choice other than to go grocery shopping!  In the meantime, I need to tell you that I’m already bustin’ out the holiday décor :)  Yes.  It’s true.  Considering I have such a lack of motivation in the kitchen, I’m afraid it’ll take me ‘til Christmas to put out all the decorations, so I have to start now.  Eeeeks.  But before I go sharin’ my Christmas ideas, here are a few fun & frivolous Thanksgiving ideas that are on my list of things to do :)  LOVE THESE!!!!

The Crafting Chicks made this darling “thanks” display.  LOVE!!!!



SO loving this Fall Pom Pom wreath over at All Thingz Related



I need to go shopping and find some pillars because I’m in L.O.V.E with this idea!!!  Check out Junk Fest for a full view of this TO DIE FOR dining room!!  Love it!


Now this is just precious.  Check out this PB Advent Calendar knockoff at Ducks In A Row.  This chick is talented for sure!! 


  FINALLY!  Something I KNOW I can do before Thanksgiving!  These printables from Craftily Ever After make me smile :)



Other than the printables, I’m not quite sure if I’ll make it around to making much else :)  However, I FULLY intend to make sure it’s all done before next Thanksgiving :)  And seriously…it would take me about that long to even attempt that dang cute Thanksgiving advent.

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