Monday, November 8, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

What?! I'm actually prepared this week?! Grocery shopping and everything?!?! LOVE that feeling! And I'm SO excited about this week's menu!!! Can't wait to try these new dishes!!! Have a fabulous week, friends!!!

Monday: Chicken Enchilada Pasta & Corn Muffins

Tuesday: MNO...eating dinner with a sweet friend :)

Wednesday: Smothered Chicken {Alice Springs Style}, Mashed Potatoes, & Dinner Rolls

Thursday: Mr. Spouse's Famous Chili & Peanut Butter Bread

Friday: Pioneer Woman's Marlboro Man Sandwich & Salad

Saturday: Baby Shower in the a.m.; Girls Dinner{WOO HOO!!!!} in the P.M.

Sunday: We'll figure it out when we get there ;)


  1. Sounds yummy! I'm trying your Zesty Lime Fish Tacos this week and making the ever popoular Dump Cake. Thanks for the yummy recipes! I've linked your recipes back to your blog on my Meal Planning Monday.

  2. I have made this multiple times. It is soooo darn good. My boyfriends favorite!