Monday, October 4, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

Yay...another week of meal planning! Lucky for me, we didn't get to enjoy some of last week's fare due to a crazy hectic weekend. SO, you'll see a few repeats on the menu. I can't let those groceries go to waste! Mr. Spouse did go to the grocery store for me last night to pick up a few new things...bless him! If there's anything I don't particularly enjoy, it's gotta be Sunday shopping at the grocery store. UGH. My Paula Deen inspired menu will have to wait til next week! Well...I did sneak one of her dishes into this week's plan. I love me some Paula, y'all :)
Monday: Tangy Fiesta Salad
Tuesday: Shrimp Creole {a Paula Deen original}
Wednesday: Caesar Salad Pitas
Thursday & Friday: Chicken Tortilla Soup {LOVE this...and the weather is PERFECT for some soup!}
NO meal plans for the weekend :)
I'm just hopin' it's low key!


  1. YUM- I totally love your meal planning- because I ummmm well I just copy it! I am trying to cook more and you do all the hard work for me! Okay but where is the shrimp creole recipe- i coulnt find it on your blog- shoul i just google paula deen shrimp creole? Missed you and the boys today!

  2. Thank you for all you're blog postings! I'm a mom of two, a wife, and a nursing student. You're blogs help me end my day on a great note. I so love all the recipes and the pictures. From the looks of it, after each dinner I can tell my family loves your blog too! Even though it's my secret to sucessful meals.