Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One Dish, Two Recipes

Recently, my cute little mom went on a girls trip where she relived the glory days and made new memories. Y’all, she’s darling and she and her friends know how to have FUN! Anywho, while they were away, the girls took turns cooking a few different things for the group. She came home RAVING about this yummo side dish one of her friends made and she INSISTED on making it for my Grandma’s “celebration of life”. And y’all…I’m so glad she did!! It was GOOD!!! Crazy enough, I had just bookmarked a Deen Brothers recipe almost identical to the one she was telling me about! Now that I’ve had mom’s version, I’m dying to try the Deen Brothers because they are their stuff is pretty dang YUMMY, too ;) SO...here are two recipes for a little Creamed Corn Casserole that you’re SURE to LOVE!!!! {And if you try the Deen Brother’s version, let me know how it is!!!!}


1 {10 oz.} bag of frozen corn, thawed

1 {8 oz.} pkg. cream cheese

1 can diced green chiles

Cook frozen corn according to package. Drain. While hot, mix the cream cheese with the corn and add the green chiles. Mix well. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes.



Now here’s the Deen Brother’s version of a Creamed Corn Casserole…


1 {10 oz.} pkg frozen corn, thawed

1 {8 oz.} pkg. cream cheese

1 cup canned French Fried Onions {like French’s}

salt & pepper to taste

In an 8x8 greased baking dish, spread the cream cheese evenly on the bottom. Top with thawed corn, pressing the corn into the cream cheese. Season to taste with salt & pepper and spread the fried onions evenly over the top. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

Ummmm…Momma Deen didn’t raise no fools. That sounds REdiculous and I seriously can’t wait to try it!!!!


  1. well that sounds yummy and EASY so I think I need to print this off and it to my collection!

    Have I told you that I LOVE your recipes? I think maybe I have a time or two or twenty!

  2. The first recipe we always have at Thanksgiving. You can actually just heat everything up on the stove top if you want. I will have to try the second recipe. Sounds really good!!