Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Week…

So I’m back with another week full of recipes!  I’m lovin’ this meal planning.  Seriously.  Is that the domestic goddess in me speaking?!  Not sure.  HOWEVER, I can DEFINITELY tell a difference in the pocketbook ;)  I guess being {somewhat} organized has it’s advantages.  I hope I can stick with it because I LOVE making only 1 trip to the grocery store.  This week’s menu has a theme.  Can you tell what it is?!?!

menu monday 

Tacos!  So random.  Swear I didn’t plan it that way!  Adam requested his favorite…taco salad {we haven’t had it in months!} and I got a nice break from cooking on Sunday night when he suggested we go to Chili’s and let them do the cookin’ for us…SOLD!   Now I’m lookin’ forward to another *organized* week in the kitchen.

Monday:  Taco Salad

Tuesday:  Skillet Chicken Ole

Wednesday:  Taco Spaghetti  {so excited to try this one!  I found it at Meals @ The Muirs.  She has a lot of other recipes I’m dyin’ to try, too!!}

Thursday:  Cod with Crawfish Bayou Sauce…Fish Tacos {we’re givin’ this fave a twist and turning it into fish tacos…thanks for the suggestion, Jamie!!}

Friday:  Hot Chicken Salad with Pitas

Happy eating!!!


  1. My favorite recipes are always the ones you post, and my hubby (and his belly) agree! Hope you're having a great Monday! ~Andrea

  2. Meals at the Muirs rocks!! Made her tamale pie tonight, yum! Between you and Lyric, we stay well fed!! Impressed by your organized meals ... But I never see leftover days??! Hello I make casseroles just for that reason, to get a free night!!!!

  3. I have been meal planning since I stopped working to stay home with my son. I meal plan for two weeks and do one huge grocery trip each two weeks(and try not to go again but for a few random things). I tried your hot chickn salad a last week and its a favorite of ours. Itll be on the rotation OFTEN! I even passed it on to two neightbors. I love love love your blog! Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful easy recipes!!!

  4. I started doing this about a year ago because I work full time and was trying to find time to hang w/ the fam in the afternoons while eating meals that would allow me to take off all the pregnancy weight I enjoyed putting on. Turns out it also has a beautiful effect on the pocketbook! Double bonus!

  5. Mmmmm - fish tacos! Let me know how they turn out and I will get the husband right on it ;)