Friday, December 18, 2009

O, Christmas Tree

Last year we caved and bought a pre-lit tree.  BEST.DECISION.EVER.  We keep saying that we’ll use our old tree in a different room, but we never got around to stringing the lights…so this is the only one that’s up!  I guess it’ll be a faster clean-up when Christmas is over!!!


Mr. Spouse said he feels sorry for our tree.  There are NO presents underneath :(  {I swear our shopping is finished!!!  We had everything shipped up north because we’re spending Christmas jn Indiana!} I keep the boy’s toys underneath the tree to give it a little company ;)


I LOVE the way it looks when it’s the only thing lit in the room!  The most unfortunate part about this tree is the crooked star on top.  I was having SERIOUS issues putting it on this year and well, this is how it stayed.  Gives it a little character ;)

We added these cute little initial ornaments for the boys this year.  A sweet little gift from my dear friend, Jill!  LOVE THEM!!!!

christmastree3 christmastree6

My sweet friend, Tiffany, sends me & our other BFF an ornament every year.  It’s the dang sweetest thing and I LOVE getting it in the mail!!!! 



I’m a BIG fan of crosses and I LOVE these!!!


And these were new additions this year, too!

          christmastree5 christmastree7


I hate that the tree has to come down after Christmas :(  It doesn’t stay up long enough!  So…I guess I’ll just keep it up ‘til February…again ;)

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