Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What the Teacher Wore Wednesday

Happy Ash Wednesday! The start of the Lenten season.

Growing up I remember I was always nervous when Lent approached because it meant I had to give something up.  What would it be? Candy?  Soda?  That was a pretty typical sacrifice.  Well into adulthood, too.  Always soda.  Always fast food (and just in case you're wondering, every year my husband and I would argue what qualifies as fast food.  Taco Cabana and Subway, in my opinion, don't.  Mr. Spouse does NOT agree ;))  Why was I giving something up anyway?  Going through the motions because it's what's expected...not because I understood.  

As an adult, I learned that the silly sacrifices we make during Lent are actually part of a much bigger picture.  I mean, if Jesus could sacrifice everything He did for us, we certainly can sacrifice for Him for 40 days...whatever that might look like.  Lent is a time to cut out the distractions that take our focus off living a life with Christ.  A perfect time to repent  and refocus our attention to the one who abundantly provides for us.  As we sacrifice, we fill the void with prayer and sincere reflection on His word. 

I no longer drink soda and rarely eat fast food, so those aren't much of a sacrifice to me.  I do plan on being more intentional with my time. Less time spent on social media, more time spent with the Lord.  It will be a challenge for sure...why is social media so addicting?!  And it's such a HUGE distraction!!!  Nothing but a time suck!!!  I'm also going to be more intentional about the time I spend with the Lord.  I usually start my bible study after I drop off the boys at school, but I've committed myself to waking up an hour earlier than everyone else so that I can be present in God's word and start my day with Him first.  

I'm also committing myself to be more intentional about serving others.  I read this article this morning and it struck such a chord with me.  What a perfect reminder of what being Christian is all about.  Loving and serving others.

"No act of virtue can be great if it is not followed by advantage for others. So, no matter how much time you spend fasting, no matter how much you sleep on a hard floor and eat ashes and sigh continually, if you do no good to others, you do nothing great.” - Pope Francis

While the sacrifices I'm making are minimal compared to the  sacrifices that were made for me, I'm anxious to see how Jesus works in my heart the next 40 days.  There's always room to grow and learn...especially when it comes to the Lord.  I am so far from perfect and I fail Him  I'm so thankful for his abundant gift of grace and mercy!  

Today I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday :)

Easy like Sunday morning.  Wait.  Saturday.  A little something perfect for a day full of basketball games.  I don't wear my wedges as much as I should...those are some of the comfiest shoes I own and I always wonder why I don't wear them more often when I put them on.    

Top:  Target (no longer available) - Here's a cute black and white plaid and here's a black on white windowpane top (I have this one also and LOVE it!)

I was in Oklahoma for a conference for a couple of days last week and had to bust out the work clothes.  I try to pack as light as possible and this time that meant packing one pair of shoes.  I went with these boots and planned the outfits around them.  My cousin wore this exact outfit on Thanksgiving day (it looked MUCH cuter on her!!!) and I loved it so much I had to copy.  Lucky for me, I found the dress for $15 the next day (Black Friday) and the boots were marked down to $60!  Steal! They're really versatile and I find myself wearing them a lot more than I thought I would!!

Dress:  Old Navy (they don't carry it anymore, but here's the exact same dress in a couple of different prints.  I have this one, too!)

Conference Day 2. I always travel the second day after presenting so I try and make sure I'm wearing some sort of leggings/pants because I always get cold on the plane.  This fit the bill.  SO simple.  Black on black with an oatmeal vest and boots.  Simple and cute.  

Top:  Plain black top
Bottoms:  Plain black leggings
Vest:  Sam Moon (last year)

I've been living in this sweater since I bought it this past weekend at a little boutique in Dallas.  Not only is it the comfiest sweater I own, but it's really cute, too!  And I absolutely LOVE the way it fits.  It drapes perfectly and the sleeves are a little loose and long.  It can be dressed up, but I mostly prefer to wear it with my most favorite slouchy tee and leggings.  Speaking of my favorite tee, this one is it!!  And I wear it way more often than I should.  I was wearing it the other day and accidentally zipped up the bottom in jeans and now there's a little hole in it.  Sad!  

Bottoms:  Plain black leggings
Necklace:  Sam Moon



  1. I love your ideas about Lent- I always felt the same way, worrying what I should give up! I also LOVE the Dear Hannah Boutique sweater. I could probably wear that every single day. (Maybe that's a huge reason I have no "fashion" blog posts... :)

    1. DOn't let me fool you...these are NOT fashion posts. More like a "what not to wear" post ;) Ha!! I could absolutely LIVE in that sweater!!! I'll proclaim that as the best purchase of the year!!!

  2. I love that quote from Pope Francis. Do you have the Pope App? I love it. hahaha I also like reading your thoughts on Lent. Our priest this year talked about us more becoming and living like the people the Lord wants us to instead of "giving up" something. I still am giving up (gum... I'm addicted, so I know it'll be a challenge), but like you I am looking at myself and what I can do to be a better christian.