Monday, February 8, 2016

Good Book, Great Friends, & Delicious Food!

On the way to school this morning, my youngest said, "Mom...the weekends are NEVER long enough!!!"  I totally agree, but especially this past weekend.  Not long enough at all!!!  I did manage to read a new book and that was pretty amazing.  And by read, I mean listen.  I love listening to audiobooks on long road trips!  This one ended up being 9 hours so I had to finish it up when I got home late last night.  It was SO good!!

 This book has two story lines and one is about a young woman (38 years old) who has early on-set dementia.  She checks herself into a residential care facility and meets a man (41 years old) who also has early on-set dementia, but a different type.  The story is told from the perspective of three different characters and I love the way it unfolded.  The last chapter tied everything together so beautifully!  My great-grandma suffered from dementia/Alzthiemer's, so this book really struck a chord with me.  I loved how the main character was able to dialogue her feelings and thoughts when she would get confused or frustrated so that the reader could see that she was still herself, but she was just getting lost in the disease and felt so misunderstood.  Such great descriptions for something so tragic.  It was a little sad yet uplifting at the same time.  I usually don't gravitate towards stories like these, but I couldn't stop listening!!!  It took no time for me to feel engrossed in the story and I absolutely loved the narrator's voice...I'm sure that helped, too :)  Such a great read and a nice change of pace from the mysteries and psychological thrillers I normally read.  

I got to spend the last couple of days with some of my best friends.  It was a last minute trip back to Dallas to celebrate the gift of friendship with some of my most precious friends.  When I moved from Dallas to the Houston area (almost 5 years ago!!!), leaving my friends was the hardest.  I loved the bond we shared...all of us raising boys who were the exact same age. Friends since they were in diapers!!!  It has been such a special friendship with these girls...playgroups, playdates, mom's night outs, slumber parties, and everything in between.  It seems like our boys were never this little (and I can't remember ever looking that young, LOL!)

Even though distance may separate us all, our friendship remains the same.  There's truly something to be said for friends who feel like family.  No matter where you are in matter how long it's been since we've seen each other or talked...we always pick right back up exactly where we left no time has ever passed.  QT with my girls will always be my favorite.  

Friday was pretty low key...lots of catching up, a few cocktails, and Thai food!   We started our girly day of fun on Saturday at the Dry Bar.  That was my first time and it was nothing short of wonderful.  The perfect way to start our day!

Next up was lunch at the T Room at Forty Five Ten and a champagne toast to our friendship :)  Since it was such a last minute trip, everyone couldn't be with us.  But we made sure to toast to them like we were all in the same room :) 

The food was outstanding!!  I loved my signature panini and roasted tomato basil soup!!!  

We had to walk off some of those calories, so we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and then treated ourselves to the most amazing hour-long foot massages at the YaYa Foot Spa in the Bishop Arts District.  They were serious about the silence so we had to force ourselves not to talk for 60 minutes.  That was next to impossible.  However, the foot massage was to-die-for!!

After our massages we walked down to Stock and Barrel for dinner and drinks.  The food was excellent (we shared a charcutere board, crushed avocado toast, fries with truffle mayo, bolognese, and short ribs).  We finished off the night with the toffee croissant bread pudding and was like a symphony of flavors colliding on my taste palate.  Hands-down the BEST dessert I've ever had.  Words couldn't possibly articulate how amazing it really was!!!  And we all shared the same sentiment!  If you live in the Dallas area, you MUST head to Stock and Barrel for that dessert (if nothing else!)

We said goodbye Sunday afternoon right after a delicious meal at the Yucatan Taco Stand on Lower Greenville.  HUGE portions and delicious fare!  

As you can see, our weekend revolved around food :) And there's nothing I love more than sharing a meal with great friends!!!  Speaking of food, here's what's on the menu at our house this week.  Trying to keep things simple and tasty and these meals definitely fit the bill!!!


  1. Long-term girl friends are great! I still get together yearly with my college roomies....going on 37 years of blessed friendship!

  2. Oh Cara! I wish we could do it all over again! It was absolutely the PERFECT weekend. So thankful to celebrate with you. I treasured every minute! xoxo

    1. So do I, Amy!! Already missing your pretty face!! Such perfect memories with the sweetest friends. Love you, BIG!!!

  3. I LOVE that your trip centered around the food and friendship! My friends and I joke every time we travel that we are taking the "Food Tour of {name your location}"
    I listen to Audible on my drive to and from school (30 minutes, each way), and love the book suggestion, since my grandma suffered from Alzheimer's disease for 15+ years. Have a great week!
    Very Perry Classroom