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MORE Gift Guides - Drink Enthusiasts, Book Lovers, Foodies, & Gamers

Happy Friday!  Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day filled with things that make you happy.  We spent ours with our family and ate ourselves into food comas.  Pretty much the perfect day :)  
We finished it off with the obligatory family picture.  Can't you tell how excited they were about it?!

I posted a few gift guides the other day and wanted to follow-up today with a few more specifically geared toward the cocktail enthusiasts, book lovers, foodies, and gamers in your life.  You might even find a few things to add to your lists, too!  Whether you're shopping in your PJ's today or headed out to the stores, I'm hoping these will help you tackle your Christmas to-dos!!!  

First up, a few things for drink enthusiasts.  

1.  Whiskey Ice Balls - these are on Mr. Spouse's Christmas list. He has the Whiskey Wedge and the Whiskey stones, but he really wants this because he loves the idea of a slow melting ice that won't dilute his drink.

2. Barrel Aged Cocktail Kit - this is such a neat concept.  With barrel aged cocktails being a big trend in mixology, this little kit allows for barrel aging on a smaller scale & in the comfort of your own home.

3. Neighborwoods Map Coasters - I love coasters and think this set is the neatest.  Cute, functional, and a great conversation piece.  Lots of different cities available!

4. Cocktail Crate Mixer - spiced old fashioned concentrated syrup...great addition to your in-home bar!

5.Quench Bar10der Ultimate Cocktail Tool  - this is an all-in-one essential bar tool for any cocktail enthusiast.  It includes a bottle opener, channel knife, corkscrew, jigger, knife, muddler, reamer, stirrer, strainer, and zester.

6. Wine Pearls - if you, or any of your wine drinking friends & family, love their wine chilled then make sure you add these wine pearls to their stockings!  

7. City Map Glasses - not just another cocktail glass!  This set is etched with a map of your city...several cities available!!  These would be great paired with the map coasters mentioned above!

8.  Taurus the Bull Bottle Opener - I absolutely love this bottle opener. Not only is it a really neat tool, but it's a great display piece, too!

9. Hot Toddy Diagram Glassware - I know, I know...more glassware.  But these are the neatest, aren't they?!  

10. The Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails - goodness I love this book!  It includes cocktail recipes from bartenders all over the world as well as commentary on the latest drink trends.  

11. Rising to the Occasion - I think this is such a great little coffee table book...especially for anyone who has ever given a toast :)  

12.  Flask Funnel - this would be great paired with a personalized flask!!  No more wasted spirits!

Here's a little list of a few things that would be a great addition to any kitchen.  Great stuff for foodies and people who just love to eat in general :)

1. Milk Bottle Measuring Cups - this is on my list.  Love that it goes with my farmhouse can be displayed or stored in parts.  Simple, classy, and functional!

2. The Food Lab Cookbook - I absolutely love this cookbook!  It's a science based approach to cooking...lots of tips, explanations, and techniques for the home cook. Great recipes, too!

3. Condiment Collection - this is a gourmet Mediterranean condiment collection that would be perfect for anyone who loves adding a little something extra to their dishes.  

4. Foodie Dice - this is like playing Russian Roulette with ingredients :) If you want a little shake-up in the kitchen, can't decide what to cook, or want to try something new, just roll the dice and go! 

5. Ebelskivers Cookbook - have you ever had an Ebelskiver?!  If not then you need to SOON.  I was introduced to Ebelskivers years ago by my husband's family and ohmiword.  This is a GREAT cookbook for getting started!!

6.  Nordic Ware Danish Ebelskiver Pan - you can make Ebelskivers without an Ebelskiver pan and this one is awesome!!  Pair it with the Ebelskiver cookbook for a complete gift!

7. Amish Country Popcorn Gift Pack - no other popcorn compares to Amish popcorn.  Mr. Spouse's aunt pops us a batch every time we visit up North and always sends us home with a bag to share with family and friends...and now my family here is hooked, too!!!  THE BEST!!

8. Susie's South 40 Toffee - if you've ever been to the Nutcracker Market in Houston then you're probably familiar with this deliciousness.  If you like toffee, you will DIE over this.  Life changing, for real.  I buy some every year to give as gifts and sadly they never make it to the recipients. #inmybelly

Know someone who loves to read?!  Have any friends who host book clubs in their homes?!  Check out this list for some gift ideas for the bookworms in your life.  

1. Literary Scarves - absolutely love these scarves!  How fun would it be to wear some of your favorite books?!

2. Literary Cufflinks - these are a great accessory for guys who love to read!

3.  Ampersand Cheese Board - great for the girls (or guys) who host book clubs in their homes!

4. BOOKends - absolutely love these BOOKends.  Classy and fun!

5. Personal Library Kit - I love to loan my books, but I'm always terrified I'll never see them again.  This little library kit is the perfect solution for that!

6. Grammar Teacup & Saucer, set of 2 -book lovers and grammarians get excited.  This is a great gift for there/their/they're stockings ;) (see what I did there?!?!)

7. Tequila Mockingbird - aaaahhhh!!!! 65 drink recipes that pay homage to your favorite books and written with lots of wit and "punny" humor.  MUST.HAVE. Especially for book clubs!!!

8. Fingerprint Bookmark - never lose your  EXACT spot again :)  This is definitely more of a stocking stuffer, but would also be the perfect companion to gift with a book :)

9. Library Due Date Card Phone Case - how fun is this phone case?! I know a certain librarian that would LOVE this to pieces!

10. Library Embosser - love this for personalizing/labeling the books in your library...such a great gift for the book lovers in your life!

We're a game loving family!  Whether it be family game night or party games with friends, we love to have fun and games always make things a lot more interesting!  I compiled a list of games we know and love as well as a few we have on our lists!  

1.  Mini Beer Pong - this is a tabletop version of the college classic...perfect for young adults or those who don't want to grow up :)

2. The Ultimate Book of Card Games - this is a great book including over 350 different card games.  Who knew there were that many?!  This would definitely come in handy on game night!

3. Yard Dice - yes!  How fun are these?!  I love life sized games and these dice could be used for anything!  

4. Cards Against Humanity - the box says it all.  If you're easily offended or know someone else who is, this game is NOT what you want.  That to be said, this game is one of our favorites.  HILARIOUS!!!  And terrible.  But  The PERFECT party game!!!

5. Time's Up - this game is a mix of Taboo and Charades and is hilariously FUNNY!!!!

6. Desktop Basketball Game - I really do love tabletop games and this one is perfect for the basketball lovers in your life!

7. 2-in-1 Ladderball/Cornhole - two favorites wrapped into one neat package.  This is so great!  Tailgating or backyard for anything!

8. Backyard Jenga - again with the life sized games, but how fun are these for entertaining?!

9. Pie Face -ohmiword...this one cracks me up!!!  the boys have this on their list after watching countless videos of people playing.  My nephew has this and the whole family LOVES to play!

10. Portable Table Tennis Set - another tabletop game that can be toted around from place to place.  I think all my boys would love this one!

11. Say Anything - this game is similar to Apples to Apples, but better...and funnier...and really easy to explain (no crazy rules!)  Great for parties or family play!!!

If you still need a few more ideas, you can find my gift guides for her, him, kids, and them here!

Happy shopping!

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