Monday, August 9, 2010

OH Avon, How I Love You

So I’m just recently discovering Avon. Not just hearing about it, but finally taking the time to look through a catalog…and falling in love. My mom recently started selling it because she’s all sortsa cute like that. She introduced me to the greatness that is Avon. I guess I thought Avon was strictly make-up & face wash. WRONG. There’s a little something for everyone! Look at the FUN measuring spoons/cups I just ordered…


Are you in love?! They’re collapsible! LOVE IT!!! Do you know how much drawer space is consumed by my bulky measuring cups?! And let’s not talk about my measuring spoons. They’re a MESS!!!! I am SO EXCITED about these!!!! And for $16.99, I sorta couldn’t pass ‘em up!

And look at these…

zz3Sorta genius if you ask me. MUST HAVE these for taco salad night!!!

Speaking of genius, that’s how I feel about these…


And 2 for $7.99 makes my heart smile :)

And I’m gonna go ahead and say that I’m sorta in love with this purse…zz5


And they’ve got hooded towels out the wazoo! I know you can get these anywhere, but I just think this one is dang precious. Pretty sure my itties would be stinkin’ cute snuggled up in this one after bathtime.


I could go on and on because there were lots of goodies I scoped out…even a precious little Toy Story alarm clock for the kiddos in their Outlet section! But I’ll let you take a look for yourself. My cute lil’ momma has her own online store and you can browse through the products HERE. My favorite thing about her little store is that you can shop ONLINE and not through a catalog. I {big puffy} heart online shopping. And right now, if you spend $30, you get FREE shipping!

So tell me…if you’re a seasoned Avon shopper, what should I purchase next?!


  1. wow, I haven't bought anything from Avon in years...but from the looks of it, they've totally STEPPED IT UP and that stuff is great! The measuring cups are great as are those hooded cute and FUN! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to check it out! I always loved Avon's lip balm, it stays on and NEVER comes off and when I was teaching, my lips were always dry, so it helped A LOT!

  2. I didn't know Avon sold all of this! That purse is fabulous.. I might have to check them out!

  3. Oh - Avon addict right here! My must have before every summer is the skin-so-soft bug repellant and sunscreen in one for the little lady - she loves it! Seriously let's me smother it all over her and it is super great for sensitive skin. Glad to hear your mom is selling and online too!