Sunday, June 27, 2010

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom,

First off, let me start this post by saying


About a month ago, Mazda offered me the opportunity to test drive the sporty Grand Touring Mazda6.  I got to keep it for a week and let me tell you…I did NOT want to give it back!!  There was nothing I absolutely did not fall in love with about this little sedan.  And let me tell ya…I think that says a lot.  I always SWORE I’d never drive a car again…I’m so in love with my little SUV.  But I can honestly say that driving the Mazda6 has totally changed my mind. 

When I found out I’d be sportin’ the Mazda6 for a week, I worried about fitting the boys inside.  You know, the usual concerns of a mommy of 2.  A mommy who really likes to keep her distance from the kids while driving.  Driving gets a little dangerous when  your kids are flinging snack traps and sippy cups at your head while cruisin'.  Will the carseats be too big?!  Will they have enough leg room in the back??  Will it be ridiculously cramped?!  I was SHOCKED at the amount of room the Grand Touring boasted.  This thing is HUGE!!!!!!  Score 1 for Mommy!  And I LOVED that my little man could easily get in the car just the way he likes to…all by himself!!!  One less battle I had to fight when it was time to go!Mazda6


Before we get into details, can I tell you how excited I was to find the Sangria Red Grand Touring waiting in my driveway for me when I got home?!  It was like coming home to find out that Mr. Spouse bought me my dream car all wrapped up with a big red bow…only this didn’t come with the bow, just the keys :)  And I couldn’t put them in the ignition fast enough!  Okay, so the Grand Touring has a keyless entry & ignition…it’s just a one touch start/stop button…but you get the picture.  {And by the way, the one touch ignition feature might be the BEST.IDEA.EVER.  I’m just sayin’.}


Speaking of details, Mazda paid particular attention to when designing this sweet little ride.  There was NO stone left unturned.  From the comfy, leather trimmed heated front seats to the Bose stereo system {which is a standard feature}, this car had it ALL!  As a mom, it’s hard to feel fancy & fun sitting on Cheerios and scooping Goldfish out of the AC vents, but I felt like a carefree college kid ridin’ around with the sunroof open and surfin’ the channels on the {standard} Sirius Satellite radio.  Of course, the two screaming kids in the back quickly reminded me I was far from the bar scene and late night trips to Whataburger. I LOVED all the fun features…the two level console with an input device for the ipod, dual climate control capability, steering wheel controls, LCD touch screen radio, in-dash voice activated navigation, and hands-free Bluetooth {just to name a few}.  And did I mention that this car corners like it’s on rails?!  {Just kidding, Mazda!  HA!  Pretty Woman anyone?!?!}

mazda2 Mazda5

As a momma of 2 boys, can I tell you how impressed I was with their safety features?!  I about FELL OUT when my passenger side mirror started blinking and beeping to let me know there was a car in my blind spot as I was about to change lanes!!  THANK YOU MAZDA!  There’s nothing more important than the safety of my babies.  And speaking of safety, the rear seats are equipped with a LATCH system to connect to the carseats.  AWESOME feature!


One of my biggest pet peeves about my little SUV is the lack of storage space.  The worst is all the random toys/snack traps/sippy cups that have taken up residence in the backseat.  Quite the eyesore when a passenger hops in.  Who really enjoys sitting amidst Shrek figurines and cookie crumbs?!  My gosh…if my car doesn’t SCREAM kid bus, I don’t know what does!  The Grand Touring was PERFECT in masking my kid chauffeur identity.  I could EASILY remove the car seats and every stray child item and stow them comfortably in the trunk.  That thing is HUGE!  With the Grand Touring, I couldn’t get away with the excuse, “I can’t drive.  I can only fit one person in my car.  There’s no room in the back.”  I just tossed the carseats in the trunk with the stroller and all of a sudden I could {very comfortably} carpool with 4 other passengers…who don’t throw sippy cups and snack traps at me :)


I actually found myself coming up with any excuse to go to the grocery store.  I LOVED that I could store mounds of grocery bags in the trunk along with the stroller and other kid things that typically consume a lot of space.  There was plenty of room for two weeks worth of groceries, a double stroller, a training potty {UGH}, PLUS some!!  There’s nothing I love more than riding in a seemingly clean…er, TIDY…car!  One less mess I have to look at, y’know?! 


Overall, my week with the Grand Touring was TOO short!  The driver’s seat fit me PERFECTLY and I’m pretty sure the steering wheel was made for my hands.  Since our little family is in the market for a new car, test driving the Mazda6 couldn’t have come at a better time.  I was REALLY reluctant to give it back.  Even my little man was pretty upset to get back into the ol’ SUV.  He said, “Mommy…where your cool red car?  I no like this.”  Awesome.  I felt like Cinderella…my little stagecoach turned back into a pumpkin.  BOO.  I’m pretty sure it’s time for Prince Charming to come rushing in and return my glass slipper.  After all, it fits me PERFECTlY!!!!  And I’m pretty sure it would fit you perfectly, too.


  1. how cool is that?! Looks like you "need" a new Mommy mobile STAT! what a week, driving around in a brand new car...what fun!

  2. Wow how fun is that! Sorry you had to surrender it. You know why they do that don't you? Cause now you want one! And how long with it be til you get one now? He he!

  3. I love Mazda's! How did you get that chance! I would love a new car for a week!
    come join my Meetup Monday if you have time!!!

  4. Sweet ride! Speaking of safety, your baby's chest clip should be up at armpit level. I know there are so many "rules" to follow now with carseats that it is hard to keep track of all of them! I couldn't NOT say something though IYKWIM.

  5. My husband drives one of these for his company car. It really is fun to drive!

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