Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Slice Of Summer

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but lemonade SCREAMS summer to me!! It’s definitely my favorite warm weather drink. When my friend, Shannon, gave me this recipe for lemonade pie, I couldn’t thank her fast enough. My word. I could seriously go through a pie a week and not get tired of it!! It’s SO refreshing and so unbelievably EASY!!!! Whip this up ASAP and get’cha a little slice of summer :)


1 {14 oz.} can sweetened condensed milk

1 tub Cool Whip

1 {12 oz.} can frozen lemonade {I used PINK :)}

I graham cracker pie crust {I prefer Keebler’s 2 extra servings crust!!}

Seriously y’all. THREE ingredients plus a pie crust. NO baking. Could this BE any easier? {in my best Chandler Bing voice}

lemonade pie1

Using a handheld mixer, blend together the whipped cream, sweetened condensed milk, and the lemonade. If I were you, I’d only use about 3/4 of the lemonade. If you use the whole can, the pie won’t really set. It’ll be a little on the runny side. But if you’re into that sorta thing, then go right ahead and pour the whole thing in ;)

lemonade pie2lemonade pie3

Now, this little mixture makes A LOT of pie filling, so {in my opinion} the Keebler 2 Extra Servings Graham Cracker Crust is CLUTCH!!! I used to make this with the regular sized pie crusts and I was always so sad to throw the excess filling away. {Okay…I’ll be honest. I ate it straight from the bowl. But still…I was sad it didn’t have the crust as a companion :)}

lemonade pie4

Now pop this baby right into the freezer…YES, FREEZER…and let it set. I usually let it set for about 2-3 hours before slicing. AND…keep it in the freezer so that it doesn’t have a chance to get all runny on you.

lemonade pie5

I’m not kidding when I tell you that this pie LIVES in our freezer ALL.SUMMER.LONG. Okay, not this pie exactly, but you get what I’m sayin’. If you like key lime pie, you’ll LOVE this. They don’t taste the same, but this lemonade pie is kinda tart and it really reminds me of key lime. Keep these ingredients stocked because I promise you’ll wanna have this on hand at ALL times!!! YUM!!!


  1. This sounds great, especially on one of the steamy hot days that we have been having recently.

  2. I think I am gonna make this for my hubby for fathers day! yummy!

  3. I wanted to let you know that I have chosen your blog to receive The Versatile Blogger award. Congratulations, and thank for you posting inspirational recipes, DIY projects, and superb pictures.

    Go here to claim your award button.


  4. I just found your web site via Blogs to Know. I am in love with all your recipes and can't wait to try them and share them! I am always looking for fast tasty recipes, that don't require a trip to the store for some obscure item, I am excited!

  5. My boys LOVE this pie...unfortunately my husband does not!! Love all your recipes!! We just started our new business blog and am going to start finally posting again!
    P.S. Friend of Meredith Northcutt

  6. This sounds totally intriguing! Thanks for posting, I'm always looking for the no-bake option for summer.

  7. I love easy, throw together goodies as well. My boyfriend's grandmother recently hooked me up with an amazing recipe similar to this one with a whopping 5 ingredients. Ya'll have got to try it out. Let me introduce you to the FABULOUS pineapple pie...

    - 1 graham cracker crust (same as yours)
    - 1 tub cool whip
    - 1 large can (UNdrained) crushed pineapple
    - 1 8 oz sour cream
    - 1 large box of instant vanilla pudding

    Mix last 3 ingredients together. Pour in crust and top with cool whip. Refrigerate overnight or ~8 hours.

    I'll throw it together in the morning at the beach, and we'll enjoy it in the evening after a long day in the sun. Perfect! :)