Thursday, December 1, 2016

North Pole Breakfast 2016

About six years ago, our little family started the tradition of welcoming our elf (Elfabet) with a North Pole Breakfast.  Of course, when we first set it all up it was kind of a big deal.  We wanted it to be fun and special for our....wait for it...TWO AND THREE YEAR OLDS.  If you think that's ridiculous, you're right.  Like they could've cared?!  Just a visit from the elf would've been enough.  We set the bar too high right out the gate.  WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!?!?!?!  

However, I will say that this is one of the boys' most favorite traditions.  They LOVE the North Pole Breakfast!  Each year I think to myself, "they won't remember last year". And every year I'm wrong.  Of course they do.  They love it.  For one, it's the only day of the year they get powdered donuts (aka SNOWnuts) for breakfast.  And of course, they LOVE welcoming back Elfabet.  

Let me tell you this.  I will savor every one of these silly traditions for as long as I can because they bring so much joy to the boys.  And my boys are getting older.  My 3rd grader has started asking questions.  "How do we know you're not Santa?"  "Are you sure you don't buy us presents?" "Why do you want our Christmas lists if Santa is the one getting us presents?"  The "magic" is here for such a short time and even though some of these traditions and whatnot are silly, over the top, and competely ridiculous, I'll do it as long as I can because to my boys it's all so magical.  Seeing the magic through their eyes gives me memories I'll never be able to forget...and I love that.  

SO let's talk North Pole breakfast!

It can be as simple or elaborate as you make it.  The elf alone is what makes it so much fun for my boys.   

AND...they get to enjoy SNOWNUTS (white powdered donuts) with hot chocolate and floating glaciers (marshmallows).  The simplest...and most unhealthy...breakfast ever.  And they eat it up.  This year I decided to top it off with Christmas cupcakes because I'm mother-of-the-year (thank you, Hostess).  I wouldn't let them eat them for breakfast, but I told them they could have them as special treats in their lunches.  

I typically get all the "filler" goodies from the dollar spot at Target.

The only thing not from the dollar spot is the pjs, but I did snag them 50% off, so that was a great find!  I also picked up their Elf shirts on sale and they were slightly ecstatic about those.  Elf is their most favorite Christmas movie :)  

And this was my most favorite dollar spot find this season.  Christmas Advent activities!  I thought they'd be disappointed that they didn't get the little chocolate calendars, but they were THRILLED with these!  Both of their countdown books are different, so these were a great find.  And chances are, they'll get the chocolate advent calendars, too because TRADITION ;)

Even our pug was ready for #allthesweets.  This year the boys didn't wait for me to wake up before they started digging in.  That was a *harsh* first.  

And just for giggles,  here's a little stroll back through the North Pole Breakfasts of the past (tear).

Here they are celebrating in a new city, new house.  This was in 2013.  I remember them being so worried that the elf wouldn't be able to find us since we had recently moved.  Bless.

And in 2014....

And last year...

You think I'll be able to get pictures like this when they're home for the holidays from college?!?!?  Because that would be awesome.  

In other holiday news, the house is *almost* decorated. I'm behind this year, but that seems to be the theme of my life right now, so we'll go with it.  

The boys love decorating the tree almost as much as I love redecorating it when they go to bed :)  Hahaha!!!  I only move a few ornaments around because somehow many of them end up hanging from the very same branch :)

 Slowly, but surely, it's all coming together.  

And our sitting room is becoming my most favorite spot to work.  SO cozy when it's decorated for Christmas.  


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