Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What the Teacher Wore Wednesday

My long breaks seem to be more frequent these days.  And I don't mind that at all.  When life gets busy, everything else takes priority.  This has always just been a fun little place where I come to relax and mindlessly share things that aren't really that important, so it tends to take a backseat more often than not.  After all, when is life not busy?!  Especially with two little boys who tend to consume my time when they're home...and I wouldn't want it any other way :)

I just got back from a conference in Austin which means I got to take a little road trip.  Since I was going to be on the road (round trip about 7 1/2 hours-ish), I decided to listen to an audiobook I bought last year and just haven't had the time to get into...Luckiest Girl Alive.   I'm all up-to-date on this season's episodes of Serial, so audiobook it was.  It's an 11 hour book and I have a few more hours left and I can't stop listening!  It is SO good!!!  

Excellent writing and I'm absolutely loving the way the story is laid out.  The chapters alternate between the main character's narration of the present time and her past in high school.  Just a couple of more hours to see how it all ends.  I love audiobooks :)

I recently started bible journaling after reading a lot of different blogs trying to research pens, paints, bibles, etc.  I follow lots of bible journalers on IG and their posts & pictures are always a bright spot in my feed.  I really wanted to start sooner, but I was nervous to "draw" in my Bible : )  The ESV Single Column Journaling Bible was recommended on several blogs, so I decided on that one and it's just perfect.  I use this one specifically for journaling.  I have two others for studying and reading.   Right now I'm using my journaling bible along with my She Reads Truth Bible Study (In Everything, Give Thanks).  I'm a really visual person and this has been such a great way for me to internalize scripture, deeply reflect on it's meaning, and commit it to memory.  My plan is to eventually have several of these that I can pass onto the boys.  And I'd really love to have a few for teachers as well that I can use for journaling scripture I use to pray for them throughout the school year.  That way they can visually see how they were covered in prayer and then add to it on their own after the school year is over.  

Here are a few things I've been wearing the last few weeks.  If the weather could make up it's mind, I'd probably make more of an effort to get dressed more often.

Now let's get back into the swing of things with  The Pleated Poppy and link up for What I Wore Wednesday.

Dad's birthday party called for a flowy top because I knew I'd be consuming an obscene amount of food, cake, and ice cream.  And I did.  And it was delicious and so very worth it.  I got these boots after Christmas and on sale and they are the comfiest!!  

Cardigan: Hazel & Olive

Speaking of boots, these are definitely some of the comfiest.  I've had these forever and they hold up so well...and they get worn much more than they need to be when it's the slightest bit cold outside. I absolutely love this sweater and seem to wear this one all the time, too! 

Cardigan:  Gin-O Boutique, a couple of years ago
Shirt:  White Tee
Jeans:  Express Skinny Jean Leggings
Boots:  Ugg Cardy Boots
Necklace:  local boutique

After a December hiatus from traveling, I'm back on the road...errrr, in the sky....and heading to conferences.  I went to Ohio at the beginning of  the month and luckily missed their big snowstorm and freezing temps by just a couple of days.  I completely forgot my coat at home, but thankfully didn't leave the hotel once :)  Dresses, tunics, and leggings are my favorite to wear when I'm "teaching".  The rooms tend to go back and forth between being hot and cold so layers are always important! 

Sweater:  Old Navy, a couple of years ago
Tunic Dress:  Anjouils Boutique

This was what I wore to my latest conference in Austin and thank goodness I forgot the extra layer because was SO hot in our conference room!!!  I know I looked like a sweaty, hot mess!!  Shoo!!!  I will definitely be wearing this dress well into Spring.  I had to pair it with a random pair of leggings because it was just a little too short to wear alone.  No one needs to see these legs this time of the year...or any other time for that matter.  This is one of my most FAVORITE dresses and right now my most favorite boutique is carrying it in three different colors.  They have matching shirts, too.  

Dress:  Hazel & Olive
Leggings:  Sam Moon


  1. I just started that book! Only like a chapter in, so I am glad to see you like it!
    Have you read Big Little Lies? its along the same lines as previous books your have was SO good. Being a teacher, you will especially appreciate a lot of the story lines. :)

    1. I just finished it, Amy!!! It is SO good!!!!! Okay...I haven't read Big Little Lies, but it popped up on my Amazon feed the other day, so random!!! Is it good?! Maybe I'll give it a shot! I tend to stick to scary/mystery/thrillers or government conspiracy & historical fiction type books, lol...but I'm always up for something new!

  2. I also LOVED 'Luckiest Girl Alive!" Definitely a twist I didn't see coming (which is the best kind, of course). Your Bible journaling is BEAUTIFUL. --Jamie

    1. I just finished it, Jamie!!! Eeeek! It was SO good! With all that character development I didn't see the end coming. The last half of the book really had me shaking my head. Such a GREAT read!! Oh! Thank you for the sweet compliment ;)

  3. I absolutely LOVE your Bible journaling. Oh my goodness. I love the bright, happiness of the verses you chose, and the fact that when you see that- it really sticks with you. I'm such a visual person. I just LOVE that. Mine, however, would look like a 5 year old did it. But you know- "become like a little child..." so maybe I could pretend that's what I was going for. :) I wish you could somehow make and sell yours! Thank you for sharing it!

  4. Hi Cara, I love your posts! I follow your First Grade Parade blog as well :) I'm a first grade teacher and was wondering what your job title is now. How did you transition out of the classroom? Maybe I missed a post on that. All of your resources (and recipes) are fantastic!