Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Meal Planning

This morning my youngest groggily woke up and...very dramatically...threw himself on the sofa crying, "Why are the weekends so short???"  I feel ya, buddy.  Something tells me we're going to have problems getting him motivated to get up for school in his teenage years. Yikes.  In his defense, we had a pretty busy weekend which always makes time go by so much faster.  

The boys are both on the same basketball team and played their second game of the season on Saturday.  It's always such a trip to watch them play.  After playing for two seasons prior to this one,  my oldest finally understands the game and is starting to play more aggressively and take more risks with shooting.  This is the first season for my youngest and ohmiword...he keeps us laughing!!  The most precious, hilarious thing to watch!

My mom and dad came to the came and took the boys with them to spend the night after it was over.  I was hoping for a date night with Mr. Spouse, but he was sick.  Like laying on the couch and covered in a blanket with chills kinda sick.  Sadsville.  So I started a new series on Netflix.

If you liked Dexter, you'll LOVE this one!!!  It's like an Irish Dexter (the accents are my favorite).  Dexter was one of my favorite series.  I binge watched that one in about 2 weeks time (much to my husband's dismay).  I was SO sad when it was over!!  The Fall isn't exactly the same, but it has a lot of similar elements.  There are only two seasons available right now with a third set to air sometime this year.  SO good!!!  The first episode is a little hard to get into, but if you can make it past that one then you'll be hooked!

We celebrated my dad's 60th yesterday and it was the perfect little family day.  I sure do love this man.

He has the best sense of humor so we wanted to gift him something we knew he'd appreciate :)  We pitched in for a gift card so that he could put that toward the deep freezer he's been eyeing and we presented it as part of his "birthday cake".  Thank you, Pinterest!  Hahahaha!!!  I was cracking up putting it all together.  Buying the items was a whole other story.  Ha.

We added toilet paper rolls for the base and middle tier and topped it with a 6-pack of Ensure and a container of Germ-X in the middle.  Then we added a box of ibuprofen, Aspercreme, eyedrops, sleep aid, laxatives, cold/heat compress, prep H, a can of Barbasol, Rolaids, Tums, know, all the essential items for a man in his 6th decade of life.  He definitely got a kick out of that!!!! 

We also presented him with this card (Pinterest again!!)

Such a great day celebrating our hero :)

Now it's back to meal planning for the week.  Thanks to a work trip in the middle of the week, I'm only cooking 3 days!  I'm leaving the guys to fend for themselves on Wednesday & Thursday.  I'd love to say that I'll be eating somewhere glamorous, but it will more than likely be room service and airplane peanuts.  Delish, no?!   I have a pound of scallops leftover from last week and I'll be using those in a new recipe tonight and can't wait.  The rest of my meals include a slow cooker and a quick soup and well, you just can't beat easy...and GOOD!!!

MONDAY:  Lemon Butter Scallops, Roasted Veggies, and Baked Potatoes

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY:  The boys are on their own and I'll be dining at a hotel and in an airplane.

FRIDAY:  Chicken Enchilada Soup

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