Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What the Teacher Wore Wednesday

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy today for a little What I Wore Wednesday :)

I figured I'd share a few things I wore in Colorado this past weekend because honestly that was the only time I got dressed this last week :)  Plus, it was the first time I could actually wear Fall outfits.  Score!

Since it was pretty HOT here in Houston on Friday and the weather was mild in CO Friday afternoon, I didn't want to wear anything too heavy.  I also wanted to be comfy on the plane, but warm.  I'm always freezing when I fly!  AND, I didn't want to pack a lot.  I only took one carry on.  My friends call it my "Mary Poppins bag" :)  LOL.  I only took two pairs of shoes...the pair I wore to the airport and then a pair that I packed...oh wait....a pair of sandals, too... so I wanted to make sure that what I wore would compliment the shoes.  Easy enough.

I was scrolling through a few of my boards on Pinterest and found this darling outfit I wanted to recreate and figured this was the perfect occasion to do it :)  I think this will be my go-to Fall uniform as the weather starts to cool off!!!  And seriously...what did we do before Pinterest?!

Chambray top: Target - no longer available (I absolutely LOVE THIS ONE ; THIS ONE is similar.  THIS SHIRT is similar, too)
White tank:  Marshall's (THIS ONE is similar)
Booties:  Anne Klein Torny Wedge - all sold out ( THESE are similar;  THESE are cute)

It was a little chillier Friday night and because I knew we'd be walking all over the place I switched out my chambray shirt for a cozy sweater.  I LOVE this sweater.  I bought it last year from the cutest little boutique, Gin-O, in downtown Franklin, TN.  By the end of the night my feet were on fire.  These booties might be cute, but they're definitely not meant for long distance walking :)  

Sweater:  Candy Rose Brand, last year (THIS ONE is darling;  I like THIS ONE, too)
White tank:  Marshall's (THIS ONE is similar)
Booties:  Anne Klein Torny Wedge - all sold out ( THESE are similar;  THESE are cute)
Necklace:  local boutique

We woke up Saturday and drove to Breckenridge.  Since I knew we'd be spending most of the day outside, I wanted comfort and coziness.  Because I packed light, I wore the same white tank from the day before and switched out everything else.  Don't judge.  Let me just tell you that I couldn't have been more comfy.  While I know that the duck boots aren't hiking boots, I'm so glad I wore them. Not only were they comfy and warm, but we ended up with our feet in the water for a little part of our mountain adventure and I was happy to have them with me :)  Once we got into Breck it was a smidge warmer and I was able to take off the vest and be perfectly comfortable.  Everyone said it was going to be hot last weekend and I have to laugh because my definition of hot and the Colorado definition of hot are two completely different things!!!  I felt so out of place with what I was wearing compared to the locals who were in shorts and sandals!!!  I was cold!!!  #Texasblood

White tank:  Marshall's (THIS ONE is similar)
Plaid shirt:  Old Navy, last year

I needed to be comfy on Sunday for the plane ride back home.  I knew it would be cold (to me) in Breckenridge, so I wore this outfit with my duck boots while we walked around town that morning.  It was SO much warmer in Denver, so I changed into sandals on the drive to the airport.  PLUS, I didn't want to hassle with the boot removal at the security checkpoint.  By the time we got to Houston I was hot.  Still too warm for layers!!!  All that to be said,   I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this burgundy trapeze top. It's perfect with jeans OR leggings.  Looks great paired with a sweater or by itself.  Love it with a scarf. Perfect with booties/boots or flats.  And comfy as all get out.  And it covers all the unmentionables you don't want on display :)  

And these are my new favorite jeans.  I had to run into Kohl's the other day to grab a gift card and walked by the Lauren Conrad display.  HELLO.  Why didn't I know about this sooner?!  I never shop at Kohl's (for no reason, really...I just never think to go in because of where it's located).  I tried on a few pair and fell in love.  They were on sale for $36 and I couldn't pass them up!!!  I absolutely LOVE them!

Sweater:  Marshall's

Conference season is about to start for me so I'll be dressing up a lot more, but until then I see days full of leggings and long tees :)  Sounds just perfect for working from home!!!  


  1. Every outfit is adorable and perfect for a Colorado getaway. I feel Texas blood definitely views hot a little differently. Have a great week.

  2. Lookin FAB CARA!!! My fav is the plaid and vest look. Wishing we could dress this way right now here!! #mercy xoxoxoxo
    (((((((((((((((((( TEXAN HUGS )))))))))))))))))))))))))