Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What the Teacher Wore Wednesday - PONCHOS!!!

Happy Wednesday!  I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday! 

I've been wearing this top on repeat since buying it a few weeks ago.  I love it.  Super lightweight so it's perfect for the warmer temps.  Looks great with shorts (loosely tucked), leggings, and jeans! 
Wore it just the other day for lunch out with the family.  The color is really off in the pic on the right and I'd say it's truer to the way it looks on the left.  You'll be seeing this one A LOT more in the months to come!  

Shorts:  Old Navy, last year
Necklace:  Forever 21

Took the kids to the movies the other day and wanted something that would keep me warm in the theater. Why do they keep those rooms so cold?!?!  I probably have one too many plaid shirts to count, but they're so easy to wear!  You can dress them up or down...wear them with get the gist ;)  (Do you love the newest addition to our bedroom decor?!  "Fluffy" the giant bear.  My 6-year-old decided the bear would be more comfy in our bed than in his.  Bless.  It has taken up residence on the floor. Anybody want a giant stuffed teddy bear?!?!? ;))

Top:  Old Navy, last season
Bracelets:  Target;  Forever 21

A night out called for a shift dress and I adore this floral number.  I'm all about the florals and this one will be worn a lot when it comes time for me to start presenting again.  However, when I wear this to my conferences, I'll pair it with leggings or opaque tights and booties or flats.  I think it would be perfect paired with a light vest, too.  I love dresses and I don't think it's possible for a girl to have too many :)  

Dress:  Forever 21 (sold out) that about does it.  Other than those "outfits", it's been plain white & gray tees with my ripped jeans and jorts :)  

We're not totally done yet though because I really wanted to share some amazing deals with you!!  I have a tiny obsession with ponchos right now.  I love the versatility and how they can dress up the simplest of outfits.  I have several, but I wanted to share with you two I recently found and had to add to my collection.  

This poncho was a steal from Target!!!  GAH!!!  The cutest buffalo plaid poncho!!!  And I just noticed it's on sale right now!!!  I wasn't able to find this at any of the Targets in the area, so I ordered mine online.  I was even more excited about it when it came in the mail!  It's lightweight, but not too light. A great transition piece for sure!  
I'm always looking for easy travel outfits since I'll be out of town quite a bit from November - March.  I love layers....especially when I'm on a plane.  I love anything comfy and cute that I can wear while standing for 8 hours and then hopping on a plane to head back home.  I have a feeling I'll be living in ponchos in the months to come!  
I know there are tons of different ways I can wear this one, but here's what I've got so far.  Definitely great for both presenting and traveling!

2.  Poncho, skinny jeans, white tee, black wedge booties, J. Crew crystal & tortoise necklace (exact necklace on Ebay, this one is similar also)
3.  Poncho, black piko, skinny jeans, black wedge booties, J. Crew crystal & tortoise necklace (exact necklace on Ebay, this one is similar also)

 Wal Mart for the win with this poncho!  For $14, I couldn't pass it up.  And y' looks so much nicer than a $14 poncho.  I had to come home and immediately try it out with a few different shirts/pants/shoe combos.  It's perfect for everything!  Great for wearing when I present...perfect for night perfection...girls night appropriate...just all around a really versatile piece!  And for $14 you just can't go wrong!!!  I'm obsessed!!!

1.  Poncho, black piko, skinny jeans with ankle zipper, these booties, bib necklace
3.  Poncho, maroon trapeze top, black leggings, black boots
6.  Poncho, skinny jeans with ankle zipper, white tee, these flats , KS Rayne necklace

I think flare leg jeans & booties would be cute paired with this poncho, too!!!  

If you're loving ponchos like I am, get on these before they sell out!  You know how quickly that happens at these stores!!  


  1. I'm buying that WalMart poncho today, like checked stock at my local store and going to buy it on my lunch break :). Love your style! Have a great day!

  2. very cute ponchos. Will be stopping by walmart this weekend to pick up one

  3. I'm currently obsessed with kimonos!

  4. CARA! My sista from another Mista! I have half the stuff you're wearing, (which totally makes me feel fancy) beacuse Gah, you make all that stuff look so good! I just got my plaid poncho last week and I'm crankingdown the air in my class so I can pretend fall is here! And I also love my black Toms booties, did you know they make them in kids sizes? LOL Size 2, holla! You are too cute and I'm obsessed with that floral F21 dress! Love ya!