Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What The Teacher Wore Wednesday

I know it's shocking, but I've actually been getting dressed these last few weeks  :)  For me, summer typically means sleeping in and wearing a bathing suit and cover-up all day.  Now that I'm trying to get back into a routine, I've tossed the bathing suit and traded it in for clothes :) 
So I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.  

This is one of my most favorite tops, even though it looks like it comes with shoulder pads.  I love the colors and the fit.  We were headed out for dinner so I threw this on because I'm always cold in  restaurants.  I've also been pairing this top with my denim shorts and sandals this summer.  It's really too hot to even consider long sleeves, but this top is super lightweight and perfect for wearing in the evenings when it's a bit cooler.

Top:  Pleated Floral Print Blouse, Forever 21

When I'm not in my bathing suit, I'm living in dresses.  They're so easy.  I absolutely LOVED this tunic dress when I found it on clearance at The Mint Julep.  It's so lightweight and flowy...great for those extra pounds I packed on the last few months (darn you, summer snacking!!!!!).  This looks really cute paired with light skinny jeans, too!  I've also worn it as a cover-up a few times.  

Tunic Dress:  Lovestitch Flowy Embroidered Tunic, The Mint Julep (I'm guessing it's all sold out because I can't find it on the website, but I did find it in a different color on Ebay)

I went to dinner with a girlfriend the other night and wanted something cute,but simple.  This little dress fit the bill.  I think this is my most worn article of clothing this summer.  I feel like I wear it ALL the time!!!  I love the detailing at the top of the dress.  It's super flowy and just a bit longer in the back, too.  And the bonus is that it looks super cute with my cowboy boots!!!  However, it's too dang hot to wear those this time of the year so I'm pairing it with sandals until I can slip on the boots.

Dress:  Lace Paneled Shift Dress, Forever 21
Sandals:  Steven Madden Comma Sandals Black, (Looks like 6pm doesn't carry this color anymore, but you can get them on AMAZON, THESE are identical, just black snake print; THESE are cute, too)

I ran into Dillard's at the beginning of summer and found these pants on clearance for $7!!!  They are SO comfy!  I was really hesitant about this style for a long time, but y'all...I couldn't resist.  It's like dressing up and wearing pajamas at the same time (which my husband says isn't dressing up at all.  Hahaha...he isn't a fan).  This has been one of my go-to outfits this summer.  Perfect for flights and road trips, too :)  

Pants:  Dillard's (clearanced out at the beginning of summer)

My white jeans are fitting pretty snug these days so they have to be paired with flowy tops.  I love the detailing on this one!  It's so pretty!!!  It fits a little shorter than I like, so I have to wear a black cami underneath.  I don't like short tops because I have a short torso and I feel like longer tops look better.  Plus, they hide my ever growing muffin top I can't seem to control. #carblover

Top:  Embroidered Peasant Top, Forever 21 (THIS ONE is similar, THIS ONE is a little different, but same kind of feel and it's darling)

I found a new boutique in town this summer and I visit a little more often than I should.  It's my most favorite place to shop right now.  I bought this dress to wear while we were in Vegas and I've been wearing it a lot more than that!   It's really cute just to wear as a sundress, but I also like to pair it with this little crop sweater I bought when I first started teaching 13 years ago!!!  I absolutely LOVE this dress and the way it fits.  It has elastic right above the waist and drapes just perfectly.  I also love the dainty ruffled detail.  Basically, I'm in love with florals.  This purchase was a no-brainer for me & I've definitley gotten my money's worth!

Dress:  Floral of the Story Dress (Anjouil's Boutique)
Crop Sweater:  Express (about 12 years ago...yikes!)

What have you been wearing this summer?!


  1. Loving all of these looks, but especially the look with the pants from Dillards! Totally casual/boho chic!!

    1. Love those pants!!!!!! Comfiest purchase ever!

  2. I always love your clothes!! The pants from Dillards are so pretty! :)

  3. My favorite is the navy dress. So cute and finding it on sale makes it even cuter. :)

  4. I've found myself wearing quite a bit of floral this summer too! Can't go wrong!