Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What the Teacher Wore Wednesday - The Makeup Edition

I haven't been the best about snapping pics before I head out the door.  In fact, I haven't been really even getting dressed the last week. #ilovesummer  So instead of showing you pics of my pj's and workout wear, I thought I'd share what I'm wearing on my face these days :)  

My mom worked at a modeling school for 15 years or so when I was younger.  She taught makeup application and skincare.  Growing up, I would hear her say things like, "For every night you don't wash the makeup off your face, it will age you seven days", and "Less is more", and "What did you do to your eyebrows?!?!?!".  #tweezerhappy

I don't have a great skincare routine and I'm already regretting my lack of routine now that I'm approaching my late 30's.  Gah.  I can hear my mom saying, "I told you so!"  (Just kidding mom!!!)  But seriously.  What I'm doing is very simple and I probably need to up my game.  These crows feet and forehead wrinkles aren't getting any smaller.  I do exfoliate *almost* every day.  I've been using my Clairsonic for the last couple of years and just LOVE it.  I pair it with Philosophy Purity face wash and love the combo.  
I always follow up the face wash with my favorite moisturizer.  My tried and true Oil of Olay :)  I've tried fancier moisturizers, but I always come back to this one.  I love it.  I think much of my admiration for this product is tied to memories of my great-grandma.  She used this exact one and I can vividly remember her putting this on every time I spent the night.  I think of her every time I moisturize :).

See...pretty simple.  A little face wash, exfoliation,  and moisturizer.  Can you suggest anything else I should add to my bag?!!?

Moving on to makeup...

I remember growing up my mom would tell us not to use foundation.  She didn't want us growing up too fast, bless her heart. I really only started using it about 4 years ago.  My mom's words stuck with me :)  I don't like the look of heavy foundation and I was always scared my foundation game would be too strong.  I went on a trip with my girls and one of my friends let me try her NARS SHEER GLOW FOUNDATION  and I was hooked (I wear Santa Fe).  So light and just perfect!  I started wearing that for a few years and then one day I went to buy more, but they were all out.  The girl talked me into trying CK ONE FOUNDATION instead (I wear Sand).  Took me back to my junior high days when that perfume was all the rage.  Anyway, I went ahead and bought it...for half the price of NARS...and LOVE it!!!  I switch back and forth between the two because they're both light and not heavy in the least.  I also like to mix my foundation with the L'OREAL MAGIC LUMI LIGHT INFUSING PRIMER.  This stuff is AMAZING!  Since I'm in the sun a little more this time of the year, I'll often forego the foundation altogether and just wear the primer!!!  It's great for a little natural glow!

When I do wear foundation, I always set it with a light, translucent powder.  I switch it up all the time so I'm always wearing something long as it's light and translucent!

I do love a good concealer and absolutely LOVE my MAC PRO LONGWEAR CONCEALER.  This is my favorite.  It doesn't crease and I can't see any lines with wear, but it does provide full coverage!  The GARNIER SKIN RENEW ANTI DARK CIRCLE ROLLER  is another little something I LOVE having on hand.  I don't wear the concealer and the roller together, though.  I just love using the roller when I'm not putting on a "full face".  It's such a great product!  And it really does tackle those dark circles :)

Now onto the eyes. 

I always start with my most favorite eye primer.  MAC PRO LONGWEAR PAINT POT - PAINTERLY.    I LOVE this stuff.  My eye makeup always used to smudge and smear ater a full day of wear.  I'd look really sad and scary by the end of the day.  Once I started using this, my eyeshadow stayed put!  It doesn't crease and it's perfect for all day wear.  

These are my go-to shadows these days.  I know they're more "Fall" in color, but I love them.  And I always tend to gravitate toward warmer colors on my eyes.  I'll mix it up every now and then with green shadows, but this is what you will find me wearing the most.

From left to right.... MAC Nylon (great for highlighting the beneath the brow.  I also brush this lightly on my eyelid and then toward the corner of my eyes as a  highlighter);  MAC Amber Lights (I use this one in my crease.  I use two different brushes for application and blending);  MAC Brun (I use this one on my outer lid)

This is my go-to eyeliner and mascara.  The STILA STAY ALL DAY WATERPROOF EYELINER is my favorite product.  It really stays put ALL.DAY.  I have extremely watery eyes...even worse when allergy season is in full effect.  Waterproof eyeliners and mascaras are a must for me.  When my Ulta was out of Stila recently, the salesgirl suggested I try Urban Decay liquid liner.  I'm sure it's great for some people, but Stila spoiled me and now nothing compares.  The best eyeliner out there!

The COVER GIRL LASH BLAST FUSION WATERPROOF MASCARA  is hands down my favorite.  I swear I've tried every mascara out there.  Buxom was okay.  Better than Sex wasn't better than anything.  Lorac Pro was a hot mess on my eyes.  I could go on and on.  I'm pretty sure it's the wand that makes the difference and the Lash Blast Fusion is the best (in my opinion).  My mom bought it after seeing me wear it and she didn't like it at all.  So I know it's just a matter of preference.  This just happens to be my personal really does make my lashes look so much thicker and longer than they really are...without making them look too spidery in the process.

I'm not a huge fan of blush because I'm always afraid I look like a clown when I wear it, but I do love this shade...MAC PEACHES.  It's a little warmer and not bright at all.  I love that it's more of a natural look.

For my everyday lip, I like to wear neutral shades.  My most favorite neutral shade is MAC CREMESHEEN GLASS BOY BAIT.  Just a hint of color.  It looks great on top of any nude lipstick, but I love it on it's own.  

I'm also a HUGE fan of the generic Ulta brand lip glosses.  #2 and #17 are two of my favorites...both neutral with just a hint of color.  

When I'm all finished applying my makeup, I love adding a little spritz of  MAC FIX PLUS  to give me just a little glow.  And it smells good, too :)  

Since it's so hot here during the summer, I tend to get a little shiny.  I carry this with me when I'm out and about and apply as needed.  BENEFIT THE POREFESSIONAL AGENT ZERO SHINE.  This stuff is great for keeping the shine at bay!!!  And it fits in my crossbody just perfectly ;)

So can you think of anything else I should be using?!!?  Especially in the skincare department.  I need suggestions!!!!!


  1. I have to try that Stila eyeliner- I had been using L'Oreal Telescopic, but I think they changed the formula. Thanks for letting us peek in your makeup bag!


  2. Those are some really great products!! I have been wanting to check out The PoreFessional.

    I am having a giveaway on my blog and would love for you to check it out. :)

    Southern Glamourista

  3. I use the Pore-fessonial primer under my foundation and am in LOVE with it. It always feels like I just put satin on my face, so silky! I often wear it alone too!

  4. Hi Cara! I sent you an email. :)

  5. A serum..for after cleansing and before moisturizing. I love Lancôme serum. Pricy. But worth it!!

  6. Love this! You always look so pretty so I always wondered what your favourite beauty products are ;) What colour do you use in the still liner? I'll need to try that one!

    A Pinch of Kinder

  7. I am so happy you finally did a post on this! I always want to comment on your insta pics that your eye makeup is always the bomb!!! I am obsessed with my MAC painterly pot! I wear it by itself too! As far as skincare, I just got into Rodan and Fields and am loving it. I like it so much I am thinking about selling it because no one around here in old Ohio does! The exfoliating paste is out of this world!

  8. Cara,
    I saw this during the summer and totally meant to comment, but it sounds like you and I have had similar routines...and similar mothers in our ears about all things makeup, skincare, and TWEEZING--LOL! Girl, I'm going to FB message you b/c I have some suggestions and would love to chat!
    Lindsey Petlak, R+F Executive Consultant
    It's Elementary, My Dear!