Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What the Teacher Wore Wednesday


I'm linking up again with The Pleated Poppy for a little What I'm Wearing Wednesday.  

It was a rainy day here (again) on Thursday and I was out most of the day in the crummy weather.  So I opted for my hot pink rain boots and some leggings.  But leggings aren't pants no matter how much I wish they were, so I had to wear something long to cover the rear.  Nobody needs to see that.  I found that kimono at Target back in January and I scored it for a whopping $8 from Target!  

Top:  Lush brand top from Marshall's a couple of years ago (but you can find similar a similar style in different sizes HERE)
Kimono:  Target (on sale in January)
Pants:  Plain black leggings
Jewelry:  Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings in Chalcedony, necklace - Forever 21 (3 years ago)

On Fridays we wear blue :)  Blue and white are our school colors and I officially own more blue than I know what to do with.  I can't stand short shirts because I enjoy coverage, so I always pair this one with a patterned tank underneath. And my favorite jeans, of course :)

Top:  Forever 21 (last year)  Here's a similar one that's way cuter
Tank top underneath:  Old Navy (black & white, on sale for $4 right now!)
Jeans: Express (the "legging" jean)
Jewelry:  Tory Burch Logo Studded Snakeskin Wrap Bracelet; Earrings- Forever 21 (3 years ago)

I accompanied the littlest one to a birthday party on Saturday and it was such a GORGEOUS day!  We stayed outside and sat under the shade while the kids bounced themselves silly in the bounce house.  It was the perfect little afternoon!  I only wish I had worn shorts. 
#mylegsarentreadyforshorts #pasty #needatan

Top:  Francesca's (last summer)
Jeans: Express
Shoes:  Steve Madden Comma Sandals (cognac)

We decided on a spur-of-the-moment date night that same evening, so I came home and changed real quick for a much needed night out with my favorite person.

Shirt:  Marshall's
Jeans:  Express (the "legging" jean)
Shoes:  Steve Madden Stecy (blush patent)

I figured Palm Sunday was the perfect occasion to bust out the white jeans. I don't follow the "don't wear white before Easter" concept and I'm sure I committed a major faux-pas  #sorrynotsorry  
I think this is one of my most favorite tops.  I bought it off Flaunt Boutique on IG and couldn't wait to wear it.  These shoes are old as all get out, but I still love them.  The earrings I'm wearing aren't the same color as those in the picture, but they're the same shape.  They're one of my favorite pair!!!

I'm usually not a fan of Gap pants or jeans at all.  However, I found these on sale after the summer season and I think they might be one of my favorite purchases!!  I'm pretty sure I paid $15 for them and I absolutely love the way they fit.  And they provide full coverage :)  Something that's totally necessary for a white jean/pant to do.

Jewelry:  Francesca's (3 years ago)

Again with another gorgeous day.  Gorgeous and HOT!  And I was bloated. #TMI  That means a dress was absolutely necessary.  And I wore a pair of sandals I've had, no lie, for 5 years.  They're not in style by a long shot and I really don't care.  They're comfy.  And they remind me that I need to invest in some new black sandals asap!

Racerback dress (from Marshall's)
Shoes:  Steve Madden Cabo Sandals (about 5 years old )

Still bloated yesterday and needed something flowy.  Enter the peasant top.  Are these even in style?  No?  I bought this last summer to wear with jean shorts and these sandals.  I liked it then and I like it still.   And I'm just going to let you know now that you'll be seeing me in these sandals all the time. They are my most favorite pair.  Comfy as all get out and the color pretty much goes with everything. I wore them all over Vegas last year and every week after that and they held up beautifully.  The sole is currently coming off of the right sandal and I need to get it repaired.  I think I might buy another pair though. I love them so!

Top:  Forever 21 (last summer) Here's one that's similar
Jeans: Forever 21

I'm headed to Round Top tomorrow for some Texas Antiques Week fun with the girls.  And, of course, this...

Should be FUN!!!

In the meantime, I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy :)


  1. Okay, I'm obsessed with all of these! I love your style!

  2. I need to be hitting up Marshalls! You have so many great finds from there!

  3. Loving the new segment to the blog. You are rocking it girl!

  4. Is it Round Top time already??? *Sigh* I don't think I'll make it out there this time, too much going on with my sister's wedding on top of us!

    Seriously loving this series!!! The Teacher looks awesome! :o)


  5. OMG I have been obsessing over the Stecys!!! I ordered a pair online for my bridal shower and *of course* they were the wrong size! I drove around to three different malls to exchange them, no luck!!! Tho thad :( :(

  6. I love your look! And I love that you are a fellow teacher with a closet full of blue and white, too.
    Going to follow. :)
    Amy @