Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Christmas Bridal Shower

{tap, tap, tap} Hello??  Is anybody there?? {tap, tap, tap}

We've had a bit of radio silence here on this little blog for the better part of the last few weeks.  All good reasons, I swear.  LIFE.  It gets in the way of other stuff.  I always let go of the blogs when life gets a little crazy and these last few weeks have been all that and then some.  

If I'm being totally honest, I love it when I look at my planner and see NOTHING planned. Truly.  I love spending time with my friends...I love having family functions to attend...I love helping out at the boys' schools....I love traveling to present...but I REALLY love those quiet nights at home doing absolutely NOTHING with the people I love most.  Can I get an amen?!

In the past 2 weeks, I've planned/prepped/hosted a bridal shower, chaperoned two field trips, traveled to Michigan and back to Houston, presented 8 sessions to some amazing educators, attending a late night dinner & earring exchange with my girlfriends, took the boys to a milk/cookies/pajama party with Santa, planned/prepped/hosted an Ugly Sweater Party for our friends, helped my old team decorate for our Christmas Around the World, and now...NOW...I'm finally home.  And ready to start Christmas shopping. #everythingissoldout #waitedtoolong #iloveamazon

I don't want to glorify the busyness.  I just tend to over commit too often.  Saying no is NOT my strong suit.  Putting that on the list of things to consider for New Years resolutions.  I had to invest in this book for our upcoming trip up north...I really need to learn how to say no so that I can save the "yes" for the big things God wants for me :)  But darnit...that's HARD!!!!!  

Moving right along...

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law...she's the one in the middle.  

A few family friends, my aunt, & my sister all helped with this little party.  Everyone was in charge of bringing their favorite dish(es) for our little soiree slated to start at noon on the first Saturday of the month.  I absolutely LOVE the group of hostesses that helped out.  These women are some of my mom's best friends and they are just that...the best!!!!  LOVE them!!!!  And they always go above and beyond with things like this. 

We had a great little turnout and the bride-to-be scored some amazing swag.  I'm SO happy for her & my brother!  I just love them to pieces!!!!  

My aunt brought these delicious bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  I love serving these as opposed to the traditional bridal shower cake....easier to hold and they taste WAY better than anything I could even attempt to conjure up in the kitchen.  This was the only picture of the spread that I got :(  SAD...because the rest of the food was equally as delicious!!!

I also set up a hot chocolate bar.  I took away all the random Christmas decor on our buffet in the living room and set out several jars of different flavored cocoa mix, all the fixin's & toppings, stirrers, and the Keurig {for hot water}. It was a HIT!  

large jars - Wal Mart / red containers - Michaels {$1 each!!!!} / wooden serving spoons - Amazon

I decided to keep the hot chocolate bar up for the rest of the winter.  My boys are OBSESSED and it's seriously the perfect little indulgent treat.  I'll post more about the hot chocolate bar tomorrow!!

Instead of games, I decided little "stations" would be better.  I guess that's the teacher in me ;)  My house has a really open floor plan, so this worked out really well.  

In our little sitting room, I set up an ornament decorating station.   I wanted to do this not only to go along with the Christmas theme, but because the couple-to-be doesn't have a big collection of ornaments and I thought it would be so fun for them to decorate their tree with little bits of their friends and family before they have a collection that can replace it.  

chalkboard & ornaments - Michaels

It worked just perfect!  I set out plain, matte ornaments and gold/copper/silver metallic sharpies.  The guests could decorate the ornaments however they wanted and if they were stumped for ideas, I wrote down a few that might help get their creative juices flowing.  I wish I would've taken a picture of the finished products...they were adorable!!!

We also had a bible signing station.  I loved this idea when I first saw it.  I bought the couple a large print bible and then set out bible highlighters and pens. The guests were instructed to highlight their favorite verse about love/life/and/or marriage and then sign their name next to the verse.  I also had the iPad set up to Bible Gateway in case they needed help remembering where to find their favorite verses!

chalkboard - Michaels

Someone said this would be a great to use as a "traveling" bible...taking it to future showers...both wedding & baby :)  LOVED that idea!!!  

Stay tuned for more details about the hot chocolate bar tomorrow!!!


  1. I love "themed" showers. Makes it so much more personal.

  2. I love this shower theme, you are so freaking creative! I'm so happy for camille and matt. I always remind her how she dreamt of marrying him when she was little and now her dream is finally coming true. Congrats to the couple :)

    1. Don't give me too much credit, Chelsy!! I scoured Pinterest for days #neededhelp :) I remember Camille saying the same thing!!! Can't believe it's really happening! SO excited for them!!

  3. The shower looks so pretty!! Great job!
    Also, funny story: I saw your post in my feed, and on a quick glance I thought it said "pearls and handcuffs bridal shower"....which would have been fascinating as well! lol

    1. That made me laugh out loud Jenn!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Yes, that would've DEFINITELY been fascinating! HA!

  4. Cara the Buntini's are amazing! They even give you a punch card there which is dangerous...But I have a question you may have gotten before but are you not teaching a class this year?

    1. They ARE amazing, Samantha! I had NO idea about the punch card!!! NOT in my best interest :) To answer your question, I'm not in the classroom this year :) God kept knocking and I decided to answer. I had a great opportunity to travel & present and spend time helping out at my old campus with more flexibility :) Now I can keep my teaching fix {I miss the classroom terribly!!!!} and spend time with the boys while they still want me around ;)

  5. I am loving all your decorations…so many fabulous chalkboard signs!!