Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide

A few weeks ago, I went with my mom, sister, and some of my mom's friends to the Nutcracker Market.  If you don't live in or around the Houston area, the Nutcracker Market is sponsored by the Houston Ballet and it's a HUGE shopping event.  It's probably my favorite thing to do all year.

Tons of vendors...lots of food {and drinks!}...and shopping galore.  I'd love to tell you that I got most of my Christmas shopping done while I was there, but alas, I did not.  I did, however, get a TON of great gift giving ideas!  And then that made me think I needed to collect even more great gift giving ideas because that's where I start riding the bus down struggle street.  I like lists.  I like to KNOW what people want.  I can tie that up in a pretty package with a big bright bow and be on my merry way.  But what about my friends/family who don't do lists?!  I need something for them, too!!

Today is Black Friday and my mom and I will be out and about today eating copious amounts of food and then burning off those calories with short spurts of shopping.  Our main goal today will be eating.  We don't go for the sales....although finding a few good deals is always a bonus...we go for the food...and each other's company, too of course!  The very first year we did this we definitely went for the sales.  And then we wanted to hurt all the shoppers.  Then we decided we'd just go for fun.  And that's exactly what it is for us....FUN.  And a yearly tradition I don't want to miss.  I love being with that woman!!!

In honor of one of the biggest shopping days of the year, I thought it would be fun to share a few gift ideas with you...just in case you ride the bus down struggle street, too :)

1.  Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera.  In the age of everything social media, this little alternative is a welcome break!  And it's pink!!! {but it does come in 5 different colors}
2.  Anthropologie Crowned Leaf Measuring Cups.  Because I'm a sucker for cute measuring cups.
3.  Clairsonic Mia 2 & Philosophy Purity face wash - I love my Mia.  A lot.  I have a lot of friends who love theirs, too.  I like using mine with the Purity face wash because it's so gentle and leaves my skin feeling so smooth, but that's all preference :)
4.  Tocca Florence Perfume - If you're looking for a new perfume, this one is IT.  Can't say enough good things about this fragrance.  FOR REAL.  {If this isn't your thing, I'd also suggest Marc Jacobs DOT, Kate Spade Live Colorfully, Tory Burch, & Banana Rebuplic Wildbloom Vert.
5. Aerie Blanket Scarf - I adore this scarf and if you act fast, you can grab it for $18 until December 1st (free shipping, too!)
6. Kendra Scott Ellie Stud Earrings - I'm pretty much a fan of all things KS and I own more of her jewelry than I'm proud to admit.  Okay.  Scratch that.  I'm totally proud to admit it :)  Somehow I don't have these yet, so they're on my list :)  There are several different colors, but this one is my favorite.
7. Flannel PJ set - I love a good flannel  PJ set.  These pictured are from JCrew & they're over $100.  I love J Crew, but I wouldn't pay that much for a pair of PJs.  If you're out shopping between now and gift giving time, you need to head to Marshall's or TJ Maxx.  The absolute CUTEST flannel and thermal pj sets...most under $40.  They are my most favorite!!!!  And cute, too!
8.  She Reads Truth Bible Studies - I can't say enough great things about this Bible study.  There are several on this site, but this is the one I started with.  A dear friend sent me a copy and I gifted it forward by sending 3 more copies to 3 of my dear friends.  It's such a sweet gift to give.
9.  Sigma Makeup Brushes - for the beauty enthusiast in your life, these brushes are AMAZING!!!!
10.  Statement Necklace - I can't even handle that this necklace is from WAL MART!!!!!  Wal Mart, people!!!  I own it and I love it!  And I get asked where it's from all.the.time!!!  For only $10, you can't go wrong!  
11.  Nixon Time Teller - My mom bought this watch for me last year and it's my most worn accesory.  I LOVE this watch!  It's so versatile and it looks good with almost everything.  I love pairing it with my Tory Burch studded's just a great watch!

1.  Beard Pack - great product for the bearded boys in your life.
2. Craft Beer Club - it's the gift that keeps on giving!!!!
3. LL Bean Waffle Pajamas - now, I love the flannel jammies on Mr. Spouse, but these take the cake.  Truly.  These will be under the tree this year for sure.
4. It's Written In The Stars Handkercheif Set of 3  - love these hankies and they would make the perfect gift for dads, grandpas, uncles, husbands...hey, maybe even yourself?!
5. The Whiskey Wedge - We are big whiskey fans at our house.  My husband has really become a connosieur of sorts.  Not only is he enamored with the taste, but he's fascinated by it's origins, how it's distilled/brewed, etc.  He is going to LOVE this!!!  
6.  iGrill2 Bluetooth Grilling Thermometer - No more standing over the grill waiting for your steak to cook to the perfect temp.  There's an app for that ;)  This is too cool!!!
7.  Brushed Twill Shirt in Explorer Blue - I love shirts like this on men.  If this option is a little pricey...because it is...there are much more cost effective options at Gap, Old Navy, and American Eagle.
8.  Bottle Breacher - I saw these bottle openers on Shark Tank a few weeks ago and I immediately put these on the list for my brothers, dad, grandpa, brothers-in-law, and uncles.   These are the neatest bottle openers and I love that the inventor is a member of the military.  The story behind the product is inspiring and makes me love it all the more.

1.  Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1 - For all those pictures you swear you'll send off to print, but never do.  I think I want this on my list, too!
2.  Portable Car Vacuum - yes, please!!!  This is a must when carting around kids.  I'm tired of random cheerios and fruit snacks sticking to my rear when I sit in the backseat.
3.  UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - My husband got this as a gift last year and now we want everyone to have one.  This is the BEST speaker!!!!  For being such a little thing, it sure is LOUD.  It's compatible with the bluetooth on our iPhones and we can play it ANYWHERE.  I absolutely LOVE this thing!
4.  Swoozie's Wooden Cutting Board - I'm biased because the cutting board is all about my home state, but there are several different versions and different states offered on the website, so check 'em out!
5.  Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Location Finder - My husband and I are ALWAYS losing our keys...and pretty much everything else that's important.  I can think of about 5 different family members who would benefit from this product, too!
6. Photojojo Cell Phone lenses - for the selfie enthusiasts in your life.  The picture taking possibilities are endless ;) #duckfacesfordays
7.  Birchbox Subscription - these are available for both men and women.  Another gift that keeps on giving.  My friends who subscribe absolutely LOVE their Birchboxes!
8.  Carry-On Cocktail Kit - for your traveling friends and family, this gift is PERFECT!!!

This post would be 8 miles long if I included everything I wanted to, so I'm saving stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, and baby/kid/teen gifts for next week!!!   Hope you got some good ideas here today!  Happy shopping!!!


  1. Great ideas Cara! I saw the bottle breacher on Shark Tank and thought it was a great idea!


  2. Thanks Cara! I usually never get ideas from bloggers because I'm so specific with what I want or want to give, but I got a few ideas! Can't wait to see your other gift ideas next week! Just had a baby #2 and don't have much time to shop so this is helpful! Your blog is one of my favorites!

    1. Hey Olivia! You are so sweet! So glad this was a little helpful!! Have a great CHristmas!!!!

  3. Love the earrings! I have already given my husband the website . . . Now, where do you get all your super cute clothes! You should do a post about that! :-)

    1. Hey Haley! I love those earrings, too!!! I'm not sure my wardrobe is exactly cute enough to be posting's pretty simple with a little splash of fun here and there ;) Most of my clothes come from random boutiques, Old Navy, Target, and Marshall's :)