Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cuteness in the Kitchen

The cutest thing in my kitchen are the two little ankle biters who like to “help” mommy cook.  By helping, I mean pulling EVERYTHING out of the fridge and pantry and trying to feed it all to our pudgy little pug.  Trust me when I say there’s a reason our little Lloyd has packed on the pounds these last few months.  Aside from those sweet faces, I like to *try* and maintain a little cuteness in the kitchen with a few fun little kitchen accessories.  Here are a few of my favorites…

I LOVE my Dotty Match potholders from Anthropologie.  Not only are they too dang cute, but they’re durable as all get out, too.  I’ve put these sweeties through the proverbial wringer. LOVE.


I’ve been eyeing this set, too.  So pretty!



This frilly little Pier One apron was a gift to myself for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I think I even wrapped it and put it under my tree.  It’s always a fun surprise to open something you forgot you bought yourself :)  Even when I’m looking and feeling pretty rough, as soon as I put this on, I feel like a fun & frivolous little 1950’s domesticated housewife…sans the pearls.



Speaking of aprons, I am DYING over Anthropologie’s latest selections.  These are my favorites!!  I mean, seriously.  Could these BE any cuter?!?!?  I might need to gift myself a new one SOON!!! :)



I think I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.  I am a HOT mess in the kitchen.  My daddy and I share the same love of cooking and trying new recipes, but the one thing we don’t have in common is keeping the kitchen clean in the process.  I like to think of my method as visually displaying my ADD.  I am ALL over the place and so is every.single.ingredient I use in my meal prep.  I would need about 50 of these dishtowels to cover up the mess I make, then I could probably get away with calling it a “beautiful” mess :)


Seriously though.  I LOVE that dishtowel. 

And these are pretty dang cute, too…

What proper southern girl doesn’t love her some biscuits and gravy?


via House 8810

And if you know me well, you know this means A LOT.  For me, it’s more like, “Would you like some coffee in your creamer???”


via House 8810

I like a good variety of dishtowels in my kitchen and let’s face it…the cuter, the better.

Remember how I said I was a {beautiful…HA! yeah right} mess in the kitchen?!  Well, are these not the most darling little scrubbers??  I would seriously be excited to clean up if I had a few of these laying around.  Okay, okay…the novelty would wear off after the first use….but still.  They’re adorable!


Speaking of keeping things clean, this is my most FAVORITE cleaning product.  I love, love, LOVE this stuff.  And darn if I can’t find it ANYWHERE here where I live.  I have to order it from Amazon.  But it’s worth it because I don’t go into town very often, so I don’t mind waiting for it to arrive.  And the lavender is my most favorite scent.  I’ve even got my mom using this stuff!


Now back to the cuteness. 

Everyone needs a cute set of measuring spoons.  I USED to have the cutest set.  They were a precious gift from one of my littles for Teacher Appreciation week last year.   I took care of those measuring spoons like they were my babies.  Then I went away a few weeks later for a weekend with my best girls and left Mr. Spouse and the family at home to pack up the house.  Guess what was destroyed in the process?!?  I’m not pointing any fingers, but I’m pretty sure Mr. Spouse was responsible for packing up the kitchen.  Just sayin’.  I think he owes me a new set like this one…


And while he’s at it, he can throw in a set of these, too.


Basically, he should just buy one of every home product from Anthropologie and I’d be a happy girl.  Happy wife, happy life.  Right?!

So tell me.  How do you like to keep things cute in the kitchen?!


  1. Kitchen stuff is my favorite cuteness in my whole house! I have those Anthropologie measuring bowls in two varieties. One set I keep in my kitchen and one set I actually have by my front door as little catch-all bowls for keys and sunglasses, etc.. I can't even go into Home Goods and Target anymore because I spend too much money on kitchen cuteness.

    The Eager Teacher
    Miss Eager

  2. Oh my goodness those aprons from Anthropolgie make me want to swoon!!


  3. If you already have that first potholder set, then of course you need the top right matching apron. Treat yo self! Haha. I can't get over all the anthropologie adorableness.

  4. I am a follower of First Grade Parade and fellow teacher. I had NO IDEA you did this too until I saw your House Hunters episode. Now I am a follower here, too! I just can't get me enough of some Cara Carroll. :) Anyway, I work part-time at Anthropologie just for the very reason you posted about. I love their products! Have a great day.
    Preschool Wonders

  5. How do you like to keep things cute in the kitchen?
    i give just an apron and wait till the timing is right

  6. Love all of these! Gotta have some cuteness in the kitchen!