Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Trails

At the end of May, I took a little road trip with some of my favorite girlfriends and one of my sweet friends, Amy, made the most AMAZING trail mix.  I’m really not a trail mix kinda gal.  Don’t know why, but trail mix isn’t something I normally choose for a snack.  Amy’s trail mix, however, was irresistible.  I couldn’t get it in my mouth fast enough!  I was lucky enough to get a surprise batch of my very own trail mix when I moved.  Amy knew I needed something for the long drive, so she made sure to send me off with a bang.  I don’t think there was an ounce of it left by the time we arrived at our new house!  If you’re looking for a yummy snack, you MUST try this one! 



Roasted almonds with sea salt

Dried blueberries

Dried cherries

Dried cranberries

Yogurt covered raisins {MUST get the   brand!!!}

Raisins, optional

Walnuts, optional



Okay, so when Amy made the trail mix, she made it using ALL of the ingredients listed above.  I have an almond obsession, so I decided to forego the walnuts and add in extra almonds instead.  And since I’m already throwing in the yogurt raisins, I leave out the regular raisins too.

Basically, this couldn’t be any easier to throw together.  Take a large bowl and pour in the dried fruits, yogurt raisins, and almonds {to your preference}.  When I make this, I use all the ingredients.  Make sure to mix well so that when you grab a handful, you get a nice assortment of berries & nuts!


I REALLY love the Mariani brand yogurt raisins {Wal Mart carries these}.  I’ve made this mix using the Sun Maid yogurt raisins, but I swear it’s not the same!!!  Of course, you can add as much…or little…of the berries/raisins/nuts as you prefer.  I love that it makes a ton!!!  I keep it in a tupperware container and munch on it until it’s gone.  It typically doesn’t last more than a week!!!  This is definitely a MUCH better alternative to the pickles and potato chips I typically like to consume in between meals :)  It’s SO stinkin’ good!!!!


Happy trails to you…until we meet again :)


  1. Yummm! I eat more trail mix than anyone ever probably should. I will have to try this delish looking blend!

  2. I always love a good trail mix! thanks for sharing!!

  3. I just saw this post! I am so glad you liked it!! Makes me wish we were driving down 35 chatting and giggling with my girls. ;) I miss you, friend xoxo