Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Secret’s in the Sauce

Since making these delicious sliders back in December, I’ve been itching to try them again.  When I came across this recipe, I decided to go a different direction.  I’ve always been a pot roast kinda girl, and anything that can be cooked in a crock pot gets my approval sight unseen.  This recipe is pretty much amazing.  Great for dinner…an appetizer…or even something special to take to a party.  We couldn’t get enough.  Truly.  The key to these little sliders is the sauce you MUST make to accompany it.  Don’t skip it.  It’s what makes the slider!!

(1) 3-4 lb. beef roast
1 cup water
1 cup salsa {I used Joe T. Garcia’s, Mild}
1 envelope onion soup mix {I used Lipton}
1 envelope dry Italian dressing mix {I used Good Seasonings Zesty Italian}
1 envelope Au Jus mix
King Hawaiian rolls
Swiss cheese slices

1/4 cup sour cream
2 tbsp. chili sauce {I used Heinz}
2 tsp. creamy horseradish sauce

Since Mr. Spouse is in charge of all crock pot meals, I didn’t get a picture of the ingredients prior to cooking.  However, this one is pretty dang easy.  Whisk together the water, salsa, and the 3 envelopes {onion soup, Italian dressing, Au Jus}.  Place the beef roast in the crock pot and then pour the seasoning mix on top.  Cook on low for 8-10 hours or on high for 4-5 hours. 
Before you’re ready to prep your sliders, mix up the creamy chipotle sauce.  Just combine the sour cream, chili sauce, and creamy horseradish sauce in a small bowl and mix together until combined. 
Slice the rolls in half and place a slice of cheese on one half and then slather on the chipotle sauce on the other.
The swiss cheese was pretty fantastic, but I’m thinkin’ that pepper jack would’ve been stellar, too.  Now, I skipped this step because I wasn’t fully reading the recipe, but you can take the bottom halves of the rolls {with the cheese}, place on a baking sheet, and broil for about 2 {ish} minutes or until the cheese is melted & the edges are slightly brown & crisp.  Like I said, I accidentally skipped that part, but ohmiword…they were still AMAZING. 
Now place a generous helping of pot roast onto on half of each roll.
Place the other half of the rolls on top of the pot roast and get ready to sink your teeth into one of the most delicious little sandwiches your taste buds have ever met :)
Like I said before, DON’T be shy with that creamy chipotle sauce.  I promise you’ll see why when you try it for yourself.  Even though this pot roast is definitely good enough to stand on it’s own, trust me when I say that the secret’s in the sauce!!!!!


  1. Cara! I am so excited! My in-laws are coming into town next weekend from Maryland for a week-ish while my husband's mom is on spring break, so these will be perfect! I was getting online to check out some new crock pot dishes, and I saw that you posted this! It is soooo up our alley! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I've missed your awesome recipes! Trying this one out this week for sure!!

  3. This looks delicious!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. This looks really good, but I have to say, that sauce isn't chipotle at all. It's a creamy chili sauce for sure - just not chipotle. ;)

  5. doubt :) I didn't name the sauce, I just copied it! HA!! Whatever it's called, it's AMAZING!!!!

  6. Hello!
    My husband and I are having a bit of a laugh right now..we just put this all together for dinner and I made the comment that the 2lb roast he got seemed sort of small...I went back to the original source recipes and it turns out, we should be using a 3 to 4 pound roast!! The way you have it written, to me (British Canadian!) it reads as 'one and three quarter pound' roast, as it reads "1 3/4"....I would expect it to say " 1 3-4lb" it just me or did anyone have this misstep? ;-) Anyway, we are very much looking forward to giving it a try but with two teenage sons, we may all be fighting over the contents of that crockpot!!! (kidding, I have some leftover ham, hee hee) Thanks for the great recipe, was hubby that shopped, I would have noticed how small the roast was if I had been at the store, but he IS a man after all ;-)

  7. We did the same thing!! Luckily it's just two of us eating but I NEVER would have figured it out if I would have read T's post!! Looking forward to eating this tonight!

  8. ohmiword...@T & @The Denny Buzz...y'all are RIGHT!!! I didn't even notice that!!!! changing it right now!!! Thank you!!

    Cara :)

  9. Just made this for me and my husband and we both loved it!! The sauce was incredible!!

  10. Just made this tonight and it was amazing! So fast and easy to make AND delish! I can't wait to make this for a party so I can be the most popular girl for bringing it!

  11. HELP!!! I'm dying to try this recipe but can't seem to find all the ingredients needed.. Ok- maybe I'm crazy because no one else has asked his question... I can't find a packet of Au Jus to save my life!!! Can I substitute a beef broth with maybe a bouillon cube or something? If so- how much juice should I add? If not, what would a good substitute be? Thanks!!!

  12. This recipe is not only a favorite of my husband, but my best friend as well!! She requests these little delish bites as often as my husband does. We have made them about 10 times and they have always turned out perfect! I do add a little more horseradish to the sauce, but that is because we like it a little hotter, and my husband prefer them with pepperjack cheese. These are a new family, and friend, favorite!

  13. I made this tonight and just finished eating it. I HAD to hop on here and tell you, it was delicious, amazing, scrumptious, and on and on!!! Yummy stuff!!

  14. I'm making it for the 3rd time tonight for a pot luck. It's amazing, easy, and guests think you're a culinary genius as soon as they bite into it!