Monday, September 12, 2011

Meal Planning Monday

Hey y'all!  This is a RARE week in our little household.  Mr. Spouse has NO games this week so that means I'll be in the kitchen quite a bit.  Dangit.  I need to get my domestic game face on because it's been missing for the last few weeks.  Gigantic piles of laundry, dog hair on the floor, and dishes piled high are evidence that I'm falling behind on my domestic duties.  And don't even ask me about our bedroom.  YIKES.  Time to get back on the proverbial saddle and whip things into shape!  At least I have a week's worth of yummies to get me through the chaos that I call home :) 

Monday:  Taco Salad {it's a Bible study night, so it's gotta be SIMPLE!}

Tuesday:  Creamy Basil & Tomato pasta

Wednesday:  Chipotle Lime Soft Tacos {a Pinterest find}

Thursday:  Grilled fish & peppers and Roasted Veggies

Friday:  Festival season is HERE!!!!!  Corny dogs, funnel cakes, and anything else fried and fattening I can shove in my mouth :)  AKA:  NO COOKING FOR ME!!! 

Saturday & Sunday:  Cooking??  Seriously?? 

What's on your menu??


  1. Yummmmm!

  2. Tonight is meatloaf & mashed potatoes & salad!!!
    I love your blog!
    Tomorrow is grilled chicken, steamed broccoli & black beans (not southern, but hey, it's good & full of good vitamins!!)

  3. Hey! I'm making your Southwest Chicken Wraps...Can't wait.

  4. I tried your taco bake tonight. It was great!

  5. I post our weekly menu every Sunday night! It makes the meals during the week so much easier. I have many the recipes that you have posted on my weekly menus.

  6. OMG! Just found your blog and I'm in love. Think you've saved dinner at our house!

  7. Just wanted to let you know that I am passing along The Versatile Blogger Award--Congratulations!!!