Sunday, December 12, 2010

My House Smells Tasty

Oh how I love this time of year…mostly for the yummy smells I associate with it.  The smell of fresh pine {or pine scented candles in my case :)}, nutmeg, cinnamon, peppermint…Mmmmm.  I’m not tryin’ to brag or anything, but my house smells dang tasty right now.  I’m burning the most AMAZING candle.  Please tell me you’ve heard about Circle E candles.  Because basically, that’s all I burn in this house.  These candles are nothing short of amazing.  I got my first Circle E about 7 years ago and now that’s all I’ll burn.  Truly.  My current favorite scent for this holiday season is…

circle e

Apple Strudel.  In all honesty though, I’ll burn this bad boy all year long.  It’s THAT good.  These candles will smell up your ENTIRE house and they last FOREVER.  I seriously can’t get enough.  If Apple Strudel isn’t your thing {so sad for you}, then you MUST check out their best seller, Birds of Paradise.  OMG…TO DIE FOR.  I will challenge anyone who says there’s a better candle out there.  I’m like a ninja candle warrior, so don’t test me ;)  You should seriously give ‘em a try and DEFINITELY give them as gifts…they’re the gift that keeps on giving :)  And your gift recipients will kiss you for sure. 


  1. I've been burning NOTHING but Circle E for *15* years. There's just no comparison! Glad to see them in the bloggy world! *Hill Country Bluebonnets is my current favorite!

  2. There is no greater delight that Circle E candles. For real, I love them. Also a huge fan of "Candles and Moore" another Texas based candle company. We Texans know how to do candles :)

  3. Um, I have never heard of them. Please tell me where to buy them . . . would love to try them out.

  4. I'm definitely going to have to try Circle E! Right now I'm burning Tyler Candle's "Warm Sugar Cookie" and I LOVE it!! Makes my whole house smell so yummy! But, it seems like I just bought the dang thing and I already need another one. Didn't last very long at bueno! So excited to try something new...where can I get it?