Friday, October 15, 2010

An Award

I like awards. They're pretty much fun, don'tcha think?! Thanks to Nikki at the Kreative Knack, I get this little award and a chance to pass it on to some other fun & frivolous bloggers!! To accept this award, I need to share with you 7 random things about myself. You may choose to stop reading this little blog after you see what I'm about to reveal. I wouldn't blame you ;)

1. I read my magazines from the back to the front. All the good stuff is in the back anyway, right?!

2. I've been overseas 4 different times...Paris, France; Madrid, Spain; London, England; & Rome, Italy. But my favorite place to visit??! VEGAS, BABY!!! {Okay...technically it's Rome...but I'm never goin' back because I'm TERRIFIED to fly!!!!}

3. My BIGGEST pet peeve is spelling errors & bad grammar...especially "your" instead of "you're" OR the misuse of "there", "their", & "they're"!! Drives me crazy! However, I know I'm guilty of these offenses ;)

4. I met Vanilla Ice when I was in college. He autographed my stomach. I'm completely MORTIFIED that I'm admitting to that...and even more embarrassed that I let it happen. Such a LAME college groupie.

5. I auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club when I was in 6th grade. My audition song: Hold On, by Wilson Phillips. My audition dance song: Gonna Make You Sweat 'Til You Bleed, by C&C Music Factory. MMC really missed out when they didn't give me a call back ;)

6. I stalked Britney Spears at her hotel one time. Not weird stalker stuff, but 3 of us went to her hotel and camped out at the bar. We ended up meeting her bodyguard..."Molicious"...and he invited us back up to his room. We went thinking we'd meet Britney. Wrong. He was a CREEP!!!!!!

7. I know all the dance moves to N*Sync's "Dirty Pop". I used to perform the ENTIRE routine...totally front of customers when I worked at Joe's Crab Shack. Seriously...admit think I'm cool ;)

And here's a little bonus...

8. Brittany Snow was a guest at my cousin's wedding. I totally had some "liquid courage" and asked her to take a pic with me. Mr. Spouse was MORTIFIED!!!! HA!!!

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  1. OMG!!!!! I TOTALLY remember #6!!!!! I'll never forget you telling me that creepy story!!!!

  2. are so cute and i adore you! :) love the honesty, my sweet friend!

  3. Ha! I totally remember #5! Remember when we used to dance around and sing Wilson Philips in my bedroom? Oh God... remember our food creations?