Monday, July 19, 2010

Arnold Palmer Was Always My Favorite Golfer

Although I worked at a golf course for a while in college, I still don’t know much about the sport.  I know a couple of the big names obviously…Tiger Woods, Stewart Payne {I should've mentioned that this is a personal joke!!! HA!!!!}, Jack Nicklaus, and my personal fave…Arnold Palmer.  During my little stint as a bartender while working at the golf course, I would almost always start my shift with an Arnold Palmer…half tea, half lemonade.  The best of both worlds, so to speak.  Well, leave it to my sister-in-law, Bobbi Ann, to make a good drink even better!  Bobbi is known for her cocktails and she really upped the anti on this one. I could not get enough!  TOO smooth…a little scary!  HA!!!  Here’s a little summer cocktail to help make your happy hour a little happier :)



2 quarts tea, unsweetened

2 quarts lemonade

Jeremiah Weed {sweet tea flavored vodka & lemonade}


Mix up a little concoction consisting of unsweetened tea and lemonade…a little half & half action.

twisted arnold palmer

Pour over ice and top it all off with this…

twisted arnold palmer1 

Now obviously this recipe would be enough to yield a BIG batch of drinks :)  We needed about that much when we were all together.  You can make this as you go if you don’t want to make yourself a big batch.  Just pour yourself a little tea, a little lemonade, and top it off with the Jeremiah Weed to your taste.  We also had the little Arnold Palmer concoction with Sweet Carolina Lemonade Vodka and OMG…SOOOO good!!!!!  Talk about HAPPY hour{s}!!!!  HA!!


  1. did stewart payne have a cousin named mickelson phil? ;]

  2. Much like the comment left already, I wanted to know if Stewart Payne was the cousin of Payne Stewart? Might want to rethink that golf knowledge Carroll. :) Also, I've had a similar version of this drink called the John Daly {also a golfer}. Cept' this one is made with Lemonade and Sweet Leaf Vodka. Freakin' delicious and 1 less step! Score!!