Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Summer Favorite

When I first went home to meet Mr. Spouse's family, his mom made this cucumber and onion salad.  At first glance, it looked pretty dang good...especially if you're a fan of cucumbers and onions like me.  But when I heard that the "sauce" was made of water, vinegar, and sugar, I was freakin' out.  That didn't sound good at all!!  Thankfully, I couldn't say no.  I mean, how can you tell your hopefully soon to be mother-in-law her food doesn't sound good?!  So, I reluctantly tried it and FELL.IN.LOVE!!!!!  I definitely went back for seconds...and then for thirds :)  And then I really pushed it and asked for the recipe!  SO happy she shared it because this is DEFINITELY one of our summer FAVORITES!!!!!! 


1-2 cucumbers, thinly sliced

1 onion, sliced thin

1/3 cup white vinegar

1/2 cup sugar

1 cup water

First peel the cucumber{s}.  I like to leave a little green on them because it makes the salad look pretty :)


Now slice ‘em thin.  And I mean THIN. 


And do the same with the onion.  Slice it REALLY thin, too :)


Now, combine the cucumber and onion in a pretty little bowl and cover with water.  Top it off with a few ice cubes and refrigerate for about 15-20 minutes.  Mom-in-law says that’s helps to make the veggies “crisp” :)


Remove the salad from the fridge and completely drain.  My mother-in-law leaves a little water in it instead of draining the whole thing because she’s amazing when it comes to being able to “eyeball” a recipe. I, however, am not. 


Now, it’s time to add the “dressing”. Add the vinegar, sugar, and water to the cucumber & onion and mix thoroughly.


I guess that’s all the pictures I took?!  Anyway, this is definitely our favorite summer salad!!!  We LOVE to serve this any time we grill out…it’s the best side dish to serve with burgers & hot dogs!!!  Really though, it’s great with ANYTHING!  Super refreshing and amazingly YUM!!!  We’re stocked up on cucumbers and onions…are you?!?!


  1. mmmmmmm....I have had a version of this before and it was so good. I will add this recipe to my collection!

    Thanks for filling my recipe file for me!

  2. Yum! Too bad I've already gone to the store for the week. I'll be trying this next week for sure!

  3. Yum!

    How long would it keep for?

  4. girl, you are ON IT with these recipes.... this is a perfect one to bring along to get togethers, thank you!

    Making not yo' momma's banana pudding to bring somewhere tomorrow!! YUM!!

  5. love your blog! I've made several recipes & they've been a success :)

  6. Great with seasoned rice vinegar. . No sugar needed