Thursday, December 6, 2018

2018 Holiday Gift Guides for Kids & College Students

If you're anything like me, you'll take all the suggestions you can get when it comes to gifts and gift giving.  It's December 6th and I haven't even started my shopping, but I have my lists made out so I guess that's a start.  I hope you're farther along in your holiday shopping journey, but if you still need some ideas maybe these will help :). 

Let's go ahead and get the kids...big and small... taken care of, shall we?!  Here are some great gift  ideas for "big-ish" & big kids alike.  All kid...and parent!... approved ;)

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1. Invisible Spy Pens - what kid wouldn't love the chance to be a little mysterious and secretive every now and then?!  The kids write their message, wait for the ink to disappear, then use the attached UV light to read the invisible ink.  I wish there were something like this for texting, but not like SnapChat because I'm too old for all that mess.

2.  Broken Leg & Mermaid Tail Bookmarks - Got an avid reader?!  Or one who needs an incentive to read?!  These fun bookmarks should definitely help with all that!

3.  Paint By Sticker - Who didn't love the "paint by number" pages we were given as kids?!  Here's a fun twist on an old classic.  There are several different versions of these paint by sticker books (stickers included, obvi)...but we like this zoo version the best!

4.  Joke Book  - what kid doesn't love telling jokes?!  And when they're telling jokes that make sense, that's just a bonus for the parents :)

5. Little Stinker Cotton Candy Bites - if you're offended by potty humor, this might not be the gift you want to add to those stockings.  We're all about the gross humor over here, so these little Unicorn Toot and Dog Fart bags of cotton candy nuggets will definitely be stuffing their stockings.  #wereallalittleimmature

6.  Surprise Hatching, Growing Unicorn Eggs - it's the gift that keeps on giving.  A hatching unicorn that keeps on growing?!  Sign me up.

7. Crayola Globbes Squish Toys - if you've got a little fidgeter...or if you live life fidgeting yourself...these little globules are great to keep those little fingers busy.

8. Slow Rising Jumbo Squishies - speaking of things that squish, these JUMBO squishes are everything!  And they smell delightful, too.

9. Hair Chalk  - my inner 9 year old would've gone crazy for something like this as a kid.  Instead I'm spending my adult years with actual hair dye and a salon bill that makes me sick.  If only I could go back in time and enjoy the inexpensive version.

10. Smart Games IQ Puzzler Pro - I love any kind of game that requires thought and these types of puzzler games are a household favorite.  BONUS - they're compact & portable, so HELLO road trips!

11. Speed Cube - just think Rubik's Cube...on speed.  I mean, bigger is always better, right?!

12.  Illusion Science Kit - This one is already headed our way x2 because for my boys, a gift like this is their jam.  20 optical illusions for under $10 sounds like a steal to me!

1.  Echo Dot - Kids Edition - we have Alexa in our living room and literally use it every single day.  I love this kids version.  The boys use our "big" Alexa to help with homework questions mom and dad can't answer, weather forecast and temperature (to help them get dressed appropriately in the mornings), etc.  They'll love having their own miniature versions and I'll love knowing their little ears are kept in mind with this one.  This little dot tells jokes, reads stories, plays music...all while keeping   in mind that little ears are listening.

2.  Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels - have a kid who struggles getting out of bed in the morning or enjoys hitting the snooze button as they roll back over in bed?!  Struggle no more.  Clocky the Alarm Clock on wheels is the most annoying...yet effective...wake up tool to hit the market.  This gadget will literally jump off the nightstand when the alarm goes off and continue rolling away and bumping and bouncing into different things until the sleeper gets out of bed and shuts it off.  GENIUS.

3.  Screenless Smart Phone - our kids don't have a smart phone or any phone at all and as a family we've decided they won't get one until they're in high school.  This cell phone alternative works like a walkie talkie and is compatible with your phone with the use of an app.  Communication without the scrolling distractions.  

4.  Simon Air - we loved the classic version as kids, but this version *might* be better.  Everything gets better with age though, doesn't it?!

5.  Pomsies - These little plush creatures react to touch and sound.  They let you know they're tired or hungry by making one of over 50 sounds with which they come equipped.  If you don't want to commit to a real animal, this might be the next best thing.

6. Cornhole for Kids - honestly, this is just a great game for the whole family.  This is a 2-in-1 reversible board with bags and washers.  Play it outside or in...whatever suits your fancy.

7. Ultimate Coding Kit for Kids - we're all about coding here in this house and this kit is a great one for starters!  Over 60+ coding projects that control circuits.  Pretty dang cool if you ask me.

8.  Nintendo Labo - Variety Kit - I know this made the kids' lists this year, but let me tell you that it made mine, too.  The nostalgic kid in me wants my own.  From over 5 projects to MORE, make your games come to life with this interactive kit.  I can't wait to get ours!

9.  Dot Creativity Kit Robot - This little interactive robot comes with over 20 project cards for kids to complete.  I love a gift that keeps 'em busy.

10. Not Parent Approved Card Game - inspired by Cards of Humanity, but completely and totally family friendly.  Sounds like a winner to me!

11.  Emoji Gumball Machine - this one comes with emoji gumballs and needs no introduction.

12.  Disgusting Science Kit - this is an experiment kit to teach kids all about their bodies and byproducts.  Sounds pretty gross which means my kids will be all in.

13.  Color You Talking Hamster - I guess parrots weren't enough. This battery powered plush rodent repeats back anything and everything you any language.  Could be a great opportunity for your kids to hear just how much they talk in a day.  Ha.

14.  Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad - got a budding artist on your hands?!  This light up tracing pad should be right up their alley!  

15.  Indoor Basketball for 2 - this game always seems to get the most attention from my boys when we go to carnivals, so bringing it to them to master before we spend no less than $100 on attempts to win a 10 cent stuffed animal sounds like a great idea.  Makes arcade sounds, too!

16.  Unicorn String Art  - this string art kit comes with two foam boards, string, push pins, directions,  and lots of opportunity for creativity and imagination.

17.  Gravity Maze - this is the neatest. It's a combo marble run, combination logic game, and STEM toy...contains 60 challenges from beginner to expert.

1.  Game of Phones - what college kid doesn't have his/her phone on them at all times?!  Think scavenger hunt with prompts..and a whole lot of fun!

2.  Tile Mate - I can't tell you how much grief this would've saved me as a college kid...and if I'm being honest, it would save me a lot current day as well (ahem...stocking stuffer, please Mr. Spouse).  If there's something they lose frequently, be it car keys, phones, wallets, or textbooks, these handy little Tiles will help them locate it in no time.  

3. Pizza Rescue Kit - they're eating pizza all the time anyway, so they might as well be prepared to make ANY pizza taste its best.

4.  Katana Safety Arc - a portable, personal alarm system connected to a 24/7 response center.  I personally think this one is a MUST for ALL kids...adults, too.

5.  Homesick Candles - got a kid whose missing home or somewhere that feels like home?!  Grab them a candle that smells like it.  These homesick candles are a favorite.

6. Bar Game Coasters - these aren't your average coasters.  These coasters are each designed with drinking games, puzzles, and quizzes.  Great conversation piece or something to carry with you when you head to the tavern.  LEGALLY, of course.  

7.  Keurig K-Mini - cheaper than Starbuck's and in the comfort of their own dorm/home :)

8.  The Hungoever Cookbook - from the author, "Everything you need to know to assess, understand, and improve a hangover is here: dozens of comforting recipes, very clever graphic tests for analyzing your state of mind, and quizzes for tracking your progress."

9.  Pizza Socks - because who doesn't love socks?!  And if I'm being honest, the packaging sold me on these :)

10.  Portable Charger Jackery Bolt - we know they're on their phones all the time so we might as well equip them with the power to keep it charged wherever they are.  And this one has extremely fast charging speeds!

11. I Adulted! A Sticker Book for Grown-Ups - when you can't be there to praise them, help them acknowledge their accomplishments with their very own adult sticker book :). The next best thing to your encouraging words.

12.  Cable Bites - these adorable little cable bites are great for reinforcing charging cables and prevent breakage, too! 

13.  Mega Snacks Care Package - because they're always hungry and always looking for food. 

14.  Dorm Doc - A college first aid medical kit with over 125 pieces.  Did I mention it was designed by a pharmacist?!  Might not be their idea of a great gift, but I know a lot of moms who would love for their college kids to have one on hand.  

15.  Make Your Bed - have a college kid who needs a little extra inspiration?!  This one is honestly a must read for all adults :)

16.  Breakfast Sandwich Maker - the most important meal of the day shouldn't be expensive or take a lot of time.  Meet the breakfast sandwich maker.  The perfect breakfast solution!

17. UBER Gift Card - truly the gift that keeps on giving for both college kids and their parents. 

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