Wednesday, December 12, 2018

2018 Holiday Gift Guides for Him & Her (and Them, Too!)

His, hers, and theirs gift guides just in time for that last minute holiday shopping.  Let's be honest.  I still haven't started my Christmas shopping.  However, after curating these lists I know exactly what I'm buying.  I guess that's a step in the right direction.

1. Money Soap - a stock stuffer that keeps giving. Money inside every bar ranging from $1-$50.  Cleans AND carries cash.  Pretty special ;)

2.  The Chef's Portable Multi-Tool - this is such a fun little gadget for any guy on your list.  This multi-tool comes equipped with a can opener, zester, paring knife, serrated knife, cheese grater, garlic crusher, peeler, carving fork, stirring spoon, corkscrew, bottle opener, and channel knife.  Everything but the kitchen sink for less than $35.

3.  SipCaddy Portable Cup Holder - have a guy on your list who doesn't like to go anywhere without his drink?!  Well now he doesn't have to. Great for the shower or anywhere else he might need a cup holder.

4.  Casio Black Resin Watch - This water resistant resin watch is lightweight and looks great!  For a watch that's less than $15, this one can't be beat.

5.  Pocket Mini Screwdriver Key - because you never know when they'll need a screwdriver.  I bet MacGuyver would've loved something like this.

6.  Dad Jokes Joke Book - they've all got 'em, so let give 'em more so they don't keep telling the same ones over and over again.

7.  Zippo Refillable Hand Warmer - sign me up for a few of these too, please!

8.  Rapid Car Charger - for the guy who doesn't like to wait, this car charger comes complete with 5 USB ports & delivers the fastest possible charge.  I think they all need one of these.

9.  Survival Kit in a Sardine Can - I love random, practical gifts and this one is just that.  A little emergency kit for any outdoorsman.  And just like sardines, there's A LOT packed inside these little tins!!!

10.  Leather Ear Bud Case - no more tangled cords.  These are especially life changing for the guy who frequently travels!

11.  Stainless Steel Manicure Kit  - I'm hoping this solves the recurring "where are the clippers????" question I seem to get no less than 12 times a week.

12.  Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid - Okay, so this suggestion isn't meant to offend, but I literally laughed out loud when I saw this because I guess I have the humor of a 16-year-old teen.  It's an immature game that's meant to make you laugh, so take that for what it is.  I'm super curious, so this might end up in Mr. Spouse's stocking.  Research purposes, of course ;)

13.  Pocket Ref - this pocket sized reference book has a lot of information about a lot of different things and I can think of several guys on my list who'd love to have something like this on hand.

1.  Native Union Dock Wireless Charger - this charger is compatible with most wireless phones and charges insanely fast!  

2.  BirchBox Grooming Box Subscription - this is the gift I want to keep on giving...and it does!  Perfect for that special guy in your life.  A monthly curated box filled with top shelf samples from the  best grooming brands on the market.

3.  Men's Moccasin Slippers - okay, Pottery Barn.  I see you.  And I'll see these on my husband's feet all throughout the cold winter months. 

4.  USA Beer Cap Map - for the guy who loves his beer, this is the neatest display for all those stray bottle caps.  

5.  Patagonia Better Sweater 1/4 Zip Fleece - I'm all about this pullover.  AMAZING quality...lots of comfort and warmth. 

6.  Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill - this indoor grill sounds just about perfect for those cold winter months and it must be something pretty special because it made Oprah's favorite things list.  Yes, please!

7.  Leather Travel Duffel Bag - this is a gift that's definitely on the pricier side, but if you're looking for just one "big" gift, this would be a great one...especially if he loves to travel.

8.  Manscaped Perfect Package 2.0 - this perfect package of manscaping tools & products includes a trimmer, shaver, moisturizer, toner, and MORE!  Ahh!  

9.  UGG Men's Harkley Winter Boot - I love winter boots...especially when they look great and keep the toes warm.  These Harkley men's boots are perfection.

10.  Slim Charging Wallet - a modern update to the classic leather wallet.  And holds a phone charge, too.

11.  Popover Shawl Sweater - so this was a gift for Mr. Spouse I couldn't resist buying on Black Friday and instead of waiting until Christmas, I gifted it to him as soon as it came in the mail. Hahaha.  SO much for surprises.  Anyway, he LOVES it and I think the guy(s) on your list will, too!!!

12.  Wood Phone Docking Station - love that this docking station isn't just for phones...handy little spots for his wallet, keys, and watch, too!  And Lord knows I'll do anything to keep those items from being strewn all about the house.

13.  Baja Sweater - as the description states, "A cross between your favorite, most comfortable hoodie and your softest, warmest sweater."  This is already in the cart!!!

14.  Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit - if you've got a guy with a beard on your list, this grooming and trimming kit is a must have!  For him, of course ;)

15.  Square Whiskey/Scotch Glasses (Set of 2) -  these handmade glasses are a perfect gift for the guy on your list who loves to imbibe.

16.  Kabob Grilling Basket - these kabob grilling baskets are the neatest.  It's the gift my husband didn't even know he needed, but he's definitely getting, LOL.

17. Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag - LOVE this option for ANY guy that's on your list whether they travel or not.  Every guy needs a nice toiletry bag!

1.  Lily Etched Flask - this etched flask is a perfect gift for the girl who loves her spirits.  

2.  Quartz Facial Roller - this anti-aging skin care roller is everything.  Whether it's for you or one of your favorite girls, this roller is sure to give your skin the extra glow it's been lacking.

3.  Little Mouse Table Cleaner - this battery operated little vacuum is just as cute as it is practical.  Perfect for cleaning up all those table and countertop messes you just don't want to.

4.  Tiled Monogram Coasters - I love anything that's monogramed and these tiled coasters are no exception.  Simply stunning.  I love this idea for a group girls gift or a set of 4 for your favorite gal pal.

5.  Bath Bombs - whether you gift these particular bath bombs or something like them, this is such a great gift idea.  I loved the packaging, so these immediately caught my attention.  Bath bombs are...well...the bomb.  #lamejoke

6.  52 Week Gratitude Journal - if you or a lady you know loves to reflect on the things that matter most, this beautiful 52 week journal is exactly what you (or her) need in your stocking.

7.  Soap for the Basic - handmade soap for the most basic girl you know

8.  Mario Badescu Facial Spray Trio - this facial spray trio is perfect for the gal who can't ever decide.    And with this trio, decisions are almost impossible to make!

9. Zodiac Treatment Catch-All Tray - every girl needs a catch all,  but if you're anything like me, you need about 10. And they're all sitting on your bedroom dresser.  But what do I know?!

10. One Line a Day: Five Year Memory Book -  loving this darling little journal for writing down daily memory a day for five years!  Sounds like a perfect keepsake to me...or something perfect for bribery.  Your call.

11. White Druzy Wine Stopper - THE perfect girlfriend stocking stuffer...that is, if there's any wine left in the bottle to save ;)

12.  Fast Drying Hair Towel - this ultra absorbent, fast drying hair towel is legit the gift that keeps on giving.  A must have!

1.  Women's Tech Kit - the tech kit every woman needs!  This one comes with 10 tech essentials ranging from earbuds and a cord wrapper to a flash drive & fisheye lens.

2.  Martha Stewart Faux Fur Pom Throw - every Hallmark watching woman needs a good blanket to cuddle up with while binge watching cheesy movies and this one is PERFECTION.

3.  LashStash - A multibranded collection of mascaras....yes, please!

4.  UGG Fleece Lined Socks  - Fleece lined socks from the creators of comfort?!  Yes, please!  Rumor has it that these pair really well with that faux fur throw.  

5.  Sperry Syren Gulf Duck Boots - My Sperry Duck Boots are my most favorite pair of waterproof footwear and I am dying to add this color to my collection!

6.  Birthstone Zodiac Mini Disc Necklace - this hand-stamped zodiac pendant makes such a great gift for ANY lady in your life (pssst...YOU included ;) )

7.  No Spill Wine Glasses (Set of 2) -  These are the NEATEST glasses!!!  They pivot on a stainless steel ball which not only helps your drink stay in its glass, but also improves aeration!  Cool!

8.  Oversized Chenille Tunic - this one is just as comfy as it is cute.  I have this and can't get enough!

9.  Patagonia Women's Los Gatos 1/4-Zip Fleece - I'm all about a cozy fleece pullover and this one is at the top of my list this year!  I love the quality of Patagonia apparel...everything holds up so well and keeps me extra warm and cozy.  Great quality always!

10.  Kodak Photomatic Instant Digital Camera - Eeek!  A camera that prints photos instantly!!  Yes, please!

11.  AE Striped Jegging Pullover - this has quickly become one of my most favorite lightweight sweaters of the season.  Easy to throw on and go while looking adorable!

12.  Mini Suede & Leather Mix Backpack Purse - I am LOVING the backpack purse trend for so many different reasons.  They're cute and functional and they take all the pressure off that one shoulder that bears the brunt of my heavy purse wearing ways.  Sign me up.

13.  Hunter Refined Leopard Hybrid Rainboot - these rainbows are a GREAT gift option.  Instead of owning Hunters in every shade imaginable, grab a pair of these that go well with absolutely everything!  The best kind of neutral! 

14.  Cashmere Texting Gloves - keep those digits warm while you scroll!  These are beautiful!

15. Calacatta Gold Tumbler - I love a good S'well tumbler and this one gives me all the heart eyes.

16.  Sleep Mask - this anti-aging sleep mask is perfect for a good night's rest

17.  Rotating Makeup Organizer - this adjustable rotating makeup organizer is perfect for corralling all those stray brushes and shadows.

18.  Uncommon James Girl Boss Earrings - these girl boss gold earrings are everything.  The perfect combo of classy and edgy and they go with absolutely everything!

19.  Foreo Luna Cleansing Brush & Exfoliator -  an exfoliator and cleansing brush all in one.  This should be at the top of every girl's list!

20. Vintage Pajama Set - This vintage pajama set is stunning!  Lightweight and extremely comfortable!

1.  Wireless Charging Accessory Tray - this wireless charging + accessory tray made it to "Oprah's Favorite Things" list...something tells me it will make it to yours, too.

2. 23 & Me DNA Kit - this is a great gift for him or her...or even both!  If you've got family or friends into genealogy or just want to know more about themselves, this is a gift that keeps on giving

3. Mini Moso Bags - these linen bags can be placed inside shoes (or in a tight space) to eliminate odors & absorb moisture.  The best thing about these little bags is that they can be placed out in the sun to rejuvenate and use again.

4.  Hickory Farms Gourmet Bloody Mary Crate - Bloody Mary mix (regular and spicy), beef sausage & cheddar cheese snack sticks, jalapeño olives, rim salt, and mixed nuts are everything you'll find in this delightful crate of happiness.

5.  KeySmart Pro - the KeySmart Pro needs to be under my tree like, last year.  This handy gadget is a key organizer with Tile smart location that allows you to track your missing keys on a map all from an app on your phone!  YES!

6.  Atlas Coffee Club - Know a couple who loves their coffee something fierce?!  These monthly subscription boxes come with coffee and a postcard from a new country each month and tasting notes and brewing tips for each batch.  I know several friends who would love a gift like this! (cough, included)

7.  Pudus Slipper Socks - another one of Oprah's favorite things, these slipper socks are everything.

8.  Family Time Conversation Kit - this conversation kit is perfect for the family who loves to sit down to dinner together and spend QT talking.  A recipe box full of conversation starters including blank cards for recording the family's most favorite chats.

9.  Who in the Room? Party Game - a hypothetical game to find out what your friends really think about you.  Play at your own risk.

10.  HyperChiller - this handy little gadget is perfect for the guy or gal who likes their beverages cold, but doesn't want to wait for them to cool down.  Chills hot coffee in 60 seconds without dilution and MORE!

11.  Temperature Control Ceramic Mug - never drink another cup of cold coffee ever again (unless that's your jam.  And if that's the case, this mug can handle that, too.)

12.  Family Fun Bucket List - never get the question, "what are we going to do now???" ever again!

13.  Suede Rinse Free Hand Wash - think hand sanitizer, but non-drying and smells a gajillion times better.

14.  Harry & David Sweet & Salty Gift Box - this is the kind of gift that needs no explanation.

15.  Echo Auto - think Alexa or Google Home, but for the car.  SIGN.ME.UP.

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