Sunday, January 24, 2010

Get Your {Valentine Day} Craft On!

Oh my word.  I LOVE {with capital letters} Valentine’s Day!!!!!  Love, love, LOVE it!!!!  I don’t know what it is…the colors, the hearts, the candy!?!  Probably all the grade school memories of the class parties & valentine card exchanges.  I’m just a big kid who loves it all!!  SO, it would only stand to reason that I LOVE any and every kinda Valentine Day craft I can get my hands on.  When I saw this craft, I knew I HAD to make some of my own {Y’all…I can’t, for the life of me, remember what blog this was originally on.  If I find it, I’ll post a link back!!  Her stuff was TOO cute!}

First, you’ll need supplies.  I used styrofoam balls, red & pink felt, straight pins, & scissors.


I used the lid of a puffs container as my template.  I traced a gazillion circles and cut them out.  I love this project because the circles don’t have to be perfect!!!!  There’s lots of leeway for error :)


Now, take one of your felt circles & fold it in half.


Then bring the two corners together &  fold it in half  again.


Your felt should look like this from the top.


Take a straight pin and poke it through the bottom corner of the felt and stick it into the styrofoam ball.

vday7 vday8   

Now, keep repeating the process all the way around the ball until you can’t see anymore styrofoam.  Your end product will look a little something like this…

vday11 vday9


I tried to stick these in one of my apothecary jars and WHAT.A JOKE!!!  HA!!  They were too fluffy and it looked ridiculous!  I think I could probably get away with it using MUCH smaller balls. SO, I decided to add some ribbon & tulle & hang them from my chandelier instead…


I LOVE the way they turned out, but I need a few more to make it complete!!  I ran out of supplies!!   Using this ridiculously easy technique, you could do this with ANYTHING.  I originally saw this technique used on a heart-shaped styrofoam  and she turned it into a wreath!  PRECIOUS!!!!  I’m about to get started on a few more for the chandelier and maybe a wreath or two!!  I just LOVE how fun & festive it looks…not to mention how EASY they were to make!


  1. OMG... LOVE IT!!! SO cute & easy!!! (however, I am so sure that if I did that it somehow would not turn out near as cute!) Love, love, love all your crafts & do-it-yourself projects!!
    Love you, sweet friend! :)

  2. Did you get this idea from

  3. Yes BeeKay! That's EXACTLY where I got the idea!!! Thanks for sending me the link!!! I have it on my google reader, but i can't pull it up!!! I think my google reader is broken?! LOVE.HER.STUFF!!!! She has the BEST ideas!! Thanks!!!!

  4. oh now this is too how you thought to put it on your are so crafty!

    thanks for sharing!

  5. just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE your blogs and all your gret ideas! Thank you so much for taking the time to share them!!!

  6. Festive indeed! I need more V Day decor....:)Good job, great pics!

  7. wow-i love everything about this page...just love it!!!