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Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2017

It's time to get this holiday party started!  I've had several emails and IG messages inquiring about gift guides for the holiday season.  I decided that it would be easiest to focus on one gift guide at a time, so today we're talking all about the kids.  

I only have boys, so my girl gift knowledge is pretty limited.  However, each of the items listed would be great for both boys AND girls.  My kids are 8 & 10, so the gifts reflect the interests of that age range(ish)...give or take a few years.  If nothing else, hopefully these lists will give you a starting point.

I can't believe it's already time to start shopping. And by shopping I mean cozying up in my warmest robe with a big cup of coffee and adding things to my cart :)
Online shopping is my favorite way to shop.  We travel during the holiday season and it's so much easier for us to shop online and send Santa's gifts straight to grandma's (where we'll be celebrating Christmas this year).  Then all we have to worry about is shipping them back home to us.  Amazon is my favorite because they're fast and reliable and they've got a great return policy.  Please note that this post does contain affiliate links for some of the items listed!  

I tried to make it as easy for you as I could, so all you need to do is click on the items pictured to shop.

Let's start with stocking stuffers.  These items are $15 and below.  For me, the cheaper, the better.  In addition to a random pair of socks, new undies, and a favorite candy bar, we usually add 3-4 different small items to their stockings.  Several of these will be making appearance inside the boy's stockings this year.
Snap Petz Letters TO Me Rock Paper Scissors Yo-Yo Ball Mr. Food Plates Kanoodle Hovering UFO Ball Art Dice Pac Man Joke Book Scratch Art Fidget Ball 3D Puzzle Fingerling Monkey Rock Pet Digital Timer Bookmark

1.  Snap Petz are little picture taking animals. Super cute and great for kids who enjoy taking pictures and the photos automatically upload to the smart device to which they're connected.

2.  Letters To Me When I Grow Up - both of my boys are really sentimental and stuff like this is their jam.  This little booklet provides different prompts for the kids to write about and spaces for them to draw pictures that accompany their writing.  I plan on having them fill these out and then tucking them away to give to them when they're older!

3.  Rock, Paper, Scissors is what it implies.  Our favorite game in card form. 

4.  The Yo-Yo Ball is an upgraded twist on the original yo-yo.  These are a blast!

5.  Mr. Food Face Plates - I've always loved these. And if they're going to play with their food, they might as well make the most of it ;)

Kanoodle is a hand-held puzzle game complete with a book and carrying case.  With over 100 puzzle challenges, this is a gift that keeps on giving.

7.  This Hovering UFO Ball is just the coolest thing!  We saw these in action at market this year and fell in love.  This is an "every kid" kind of gadget!

8.  I think these Art Dice are my most favorite find.  I love ANY kind of gift that encourages creativity.  My boys love to draw and they often ask me to give them ideas about what to draw.  With a roll of the art dice, they have unlimited possibilities of things to draw!  

9. If you love nostalgic gifts, this Handheld Pac Man Arcade game is the way to go.  

10.  For the kid who loves to laugh...and make others laugh, too...the Knock-Knock & Laugh Out Loud Joke Books are a no-brainer!

11.  Scratch Art Mini Notes are a perfect find for kids and if I'm being honest, I'd like a set for myself, too :)

12.  These Fidget Balls are handheld 3D puzzles similar to a Rubik's Cube and come two to a pack.

13.  The WowWee Fingerlings are the cutest stocking stuffers on the market!  These little monkeys are interactive and will hold on to your finger, blow kisses, swing their tails, blink their eyes, and MORE.  Adorable!

14.  Rock Pets are the pet that every parent wants for their child.  This is a great alternative for the child who is begging for a pet this holiday season ;)

15.  The teacher in me LOVES this Digital Timer Bookmark.  It records the amount of time spent reading.  A great tool to have on hand to keep your kids accountable for the amount of time they read each night.

Now let's move on to the "big" stuff.  As you can see, I LOVE gifts that foster thinking and creativity while being fun at the same time.  These gift ideas are really great for both boys and girls alike!
Quadrillion Geek Box Audio Pet Osmo Bubble Ball Playstix Escape Room Light Blocks Rock Painting Kit Kaliedescope Kit Telestrations Slammo Lego Boost Crayola Story By Me DIY Comic BOok Ozobot Cubetastic Build a Bear Work Station Mega Prank Kit Electric Ripstik
1.  Quadrillion is a magnetic puzzle game with thousands of challenges so play can always be varied.  LOVE games like these!

2.  My Geek Box is a really cool subscription box perfect for our smallest heroes and princesses.  The boxes can be curated to your child's franchise preference and they're stuffed to the brim with all sorts of cool items like t-shirts, toys, shirts, and franchised merchandise.  Subscriptions are offered in 1, 3, 6, & 12 month deliveries, so this makes this a great one-time or year-round gift.

3.  The Audio Pet is a great gift for kids who love to listen to music or audiobooks.  It's a bluetooth wireless speaker that connects to your smart device & streams sound.  It's also equipped with a little camera.  With a selection of 6 different animals, you're sure to find one your kid would love.  My boys will go CRAZY over the pug speaker!!!  

4.  The Osmo is an iPad compatible game system. Not only is it a wonderful learning tool, but it's fun, too!

5.  These Bumper Balls CRACK me up!  I can see hours of fun being had with these.  Great for partner play and perfect for parties, too!  Just inflate to play.

Playstix are perfect for kids who love to build.  These are a great alternative to Lincoln Logs and provide tons of opportunities to create many different structures.  

7.  Operation Escape Room is a must have for the kid who loves a challenge.  My mom is getting this one for my oldest who absolutely LOVES escape rooms.  After visiting two escape rooms this past summer, he is going to LOVE opening this one! 

8.  Electric Light Blocks are like Legos on steroids.  Again, little ones who love to build will love the ability to let their creations glow!

9.  Rock Painting is all the rage right now and this Rock Painting Kit is amazing.  It comes with everything you need to paint, decorate, and hide 10 rocks.  Stickers are also provided so that your kids can keep track of where the rocks are found.

10.  A little art, a little construction.  This build-your-own Kaliedescope Kit includes everything needed for kids to make their own.

11.  Telestrations is the visual form of the "telephone game"...perfect for kids and families to enjoy!

12.  Slammo  is a great addition to your outdoor games and keeps kids entertained for hours!  (Also known as "spikeball")

13.  The Lego Boost Building & Coding Kit is the priciest item on the list.  If you're looking for a "big ticket" item, consider this one.  This kit provides your kids with the option of building one of five different multi-functional robots that can be controlled with a little coding.  This is a great gift idea for kids who are into coding!

14.  My Comic Book Kit - my oldest absolutely LOVES graphic novels and has recently taken an interest in creating his own comics.  This comic book kit would be right up his alley. It comes with pre-formatted blank pages for kids to create their own stories.  When the story is complete, send it back to the retailer in a pre-paid packaged envelope and it will return to your child as a professionally bound copy of their original work!

15.  Crayola Story By Me is another option for budding authors.  Kids can write their own story, send it off, and receive it back as a professionally bound hardcover book complete with an "all about the author" page and everything!

16.  Cubetastic is pretty fantastic!  This 3D puzzle cube pairs with an augmented reality app that teaches kids how to solve the cube step-by-step. This is a more interactive version of the Rubik's Cube and perfect for kids who love solving puzzles.

17.  The Build-a-Bear Workshop Station brings the store into your home.  Kids who love this franchise will get everything they need to stuff & dress two bears in their very own home!

18.  The Razor Ripstik Electric Casterboard is an electric version of the original.  This amped up version comes complete with a remote control, too.

19.  The Mega Prank Kit comes complete with 35 different pranks and jokes and is perfect for kids who love to make themselves laugh, LOL.  I used to love these as a kid!!!

20.  The Ozobot is a robot that has optical sensors that respond to the commands of your coding and comes with 20 different games and activities.  I absolutely LOVE this little device and think it's an amazing gift for fostering creativity and engineering skills!


Hopefully these stocking stuffers and gift ideas are helpful.  Stay tuned for MORE gift guides coming this week!  On guides for women, men, families, teachers, cheese lovers, travelers, hostesses, and MORE!

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