Monday, September 28, 2015

Mouthwatering Monday

Our extended family weekend went by in a flash.  It always happens when we're having fun :)  We started our weekend pretty low-key.  We stayed in Friday night while Mr. Spouse was at his football game and then we headed to Chuy's for lunch on Saturday.  The boys even got some balloon animals :)

Next stop, Hotel Transylvania :)  **Almost** as good as the first! 

My in-laws have never been to Buc-ees, so that was a must stop and shop.  Goodness.  One candle, two shirts, a pair of Reefs, and a generous helping of cinnamon sugared pecans later we headed home for movie night.  Darn you, Buc-ees!!!  

We enjoyed a day full of family fun for our Sunday Funday shenanigans and we enjoyed a little more food than necessary.  But oh so good.  Then we finished the night with a game of Headbandz and too many laughs to count :)

We took the boys out of school for an hour(ish) today to have one last meal with grandma and grandpa before they head home this afternoon.  As I was taking the boys back to school, they both started to cry.  They have such sensitive hearts and it breaks mine to see them so sad!  Christmas is only a few months away...can't wait 'til we're together again!!!  

When the family's all together we sure do enjoy our food.  I said it earlier and I'll say it again...we definitely enjoyed way more food than necessary.  I I usually do...and I don't regret a single calorie.  My pants, on the other hand, are struggling to fit today.  It might have been this breakfast that did me in.  

Yes, my friends.  Better than Cinnabon.  And that's a bold statement coming from someone who would bathe in their cinnamon gooey-goodness if I could.  This is, hands down, the easiest recipe from prep to table. And the tastiest, too.  I'm sure this recipe also has a very high caloric intake, so if you're opposed to meal that will make your pants fit a little tighter, abandon reading now.  My motto is "everything in moderation".  It's just a shame I didn't exercise that kind of restraint when digging in ;)


1 pkg. Rhode's Cinnamon Rolls
1 (3.4 oz) box of COOK & SERVE Butterscotch pudding
1 stick of butter (1/2 C.)

Like I said before, this couldn't be easier.  This is definitely a crowd pleaser and I would highly suggest serving this to friends and family.  You don't want anyone to miss out on this.  

Grease a 9x13 baking dish and place all 12 rolls inside.  You'll want to do this the night BEFORE serving so that your rolls have time to rise.  

Once the rolls are arranged in your dish, take your packet of pudding mix  and pour over the rolls.  The pudding doesn't need to be cooked first.  Just evenly pour the dry powder over the rolls.  Easy, right?!

Now melt your butter. The whole stick.  I melted mine in the microwave because #lazy.  Pour it over the rolls and then cover the dish with saran wrap/press & seal/ foil.  Whatever you have handy.  Place this concoction in the fridge overnight so that your rolls have time to rise a bit.  

When you wake up bright-eyed and bushy tailed the next morning, remove the dish of rolls from the fridge and set out on the counter for an hour BEFORE baking.  I woke up around 5 this morning, took the rolls out & set 'em on the counter..and then fell back asleep 'til about 6:40 when the boy's alarm started going off.  

Bake the rolls at 350 for about 20 minutes.  They'll look amazing right out of the oven and you'll try really hard not to sample a corner bite, but you'll realize you're weak and go for it anyway....

The force is strong.

You'll remember there are two packets of cream cheese frosting that came with the rolls, so you'll quickly empty the contents of both packets right on top of the piping hot cinnamon rolls, spread it around, and watch as it slowly melts into the cinnamon laden bites of heaven.  

The force is getting stronger and you can't wait another second.

Just go ahead and dig in already!!!!  

My boys couldn't get enough and I had to tell them to slow it down so that there would be some left for grandma and grandpa when they woke up.  Let me just tell you that we demolished the whole pan. I couldn't wait to share this with y'all because they were THAT good!!!  I'm sure you've probably made these before!  I'm always the last to find out about a good recipe :)

If you're not too keen on the butterscotch pudding mix, switch it out for the cook & serve vanilla.  OR go ahead and try out the pumpkin pudding mix since it's Fall and all.  Get a little crazy.  I have a feeling you'll devour them no matter what!!!

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  1. Oh wow that sounds yummy and easy! I love recipes that work overnight :)