Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Home Tour Tuesday - The Living Room

Now that life is getting back to normal here around the house and our furniture and floors aren't covered in dust and mortar, I figured today would be a great day to start back with Home Tour Tuesday.

Today's little tour takes us to the living room.  
Here we are walking in from the breakfast nook off the kitchen.  I love the vaulted ceiling in this little space and the floor to ceiling fireplace.  The bookshelves were an added bonus for sure.  That wall right ahead is what sold us on the house.  Of course, we loved the potential of everything else, but that wall was what did it for us.

We plan on adding exposed beams to the ceiling, but with all the work that's been done here the last 4 months, we're in NO rush to add that detail anytime soon. Here's to big dreams ;)

Of course, the fireplace is the focal point in this room and it's decorated quite simply as you can see.  Because the fireplace goes up to the ceiling, I needed something "big" to put on the mantle.  This window was the perfect find and I absolutely love it here.  The shutters just kind of finished it all off and I think I'm pretty happy with it..for now, anyway ;)

Shutters:  Craigslist
Basket, blanket, & pillow - Home Goods
Lantern & battery operated candles - Kirkland's clearance! Found it for $20!!!!
Candlesticks - Home Goods
Boxwood balls - Ross
Copper plated jug - Home Goods
Copper bucket & topiary -Michaels

We absolutely LOVED the bookshelves that flank either side of the fireplace when we first looked at the house.  They are...in my opinion...just beautiful.  And they've been the bane of my existence to decorate.  As much as I love them, I often wish the bookshelves were divided right down the middle to make decorating easier....that's just how my little mind visually sees things...in boxes.  My bookshelves look a lot different now that they're decorated for Halloween, but here's what they look like when they aren't seasonally decked out.  I *think* I like the arrangements, but I'm sure they'll change for the umpteenth time when Christmas comes down.

While I don't really have any red decor in the house, I used to and that chair in the left corner pays homage to my old style.  I found it on the side of the road and it was FREE!!!!!  With a little TLC, we cleaned her up and had her reupholstered and that might be my most favorite chair in the house.  I plan on reupholstering it with a more neutral fabric, but she'll stay like that until I can find something I can't live without.  

Most of my decor comes from Ross and Home Goods/Marshall's.  There are a few Hobby Lobby finds in there, too.    I have random collections as you can see.  Globes...white pitchers...jars...etc.  I like to put my collections together because I think it makes more of a statement.  No rhyme or reason, really.  And as you can see, I'm a big fan of boxwoods :)

Moving back to the center of the room, here's another look at the bookshelves.  This is what I see when I sit on the couch.  My brother built me that coffee table and I am in LOVE.  It's one of my favorite pieces!!!!  Again, simply decorated...just a tray full of what Mr. Spouse calls "fluff".  But I love that fluff ;)

Tray, wire basket, floral, and jute balls:  Home Goods
Candle & vase:  Ross
Vase Filler:  Target
Coasters - Altar'd State (they were a gift)
Antlers:  Flea Market

See that coffee table?!  Seriously though!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!  Didn't he do a great job?!  I keep baskets of blankets underneath the table.  My boys like to sleep on the couch over the weekends and we happily oblige.  They use the blankets to "make their beds".  I also have a little basket with our remotes and whatnot, too.
I love our sectional.  It's big and fills the space just perfectly.  What I don't love is the pillows.  They're all down pillows and they constantly shed like nobody's business.  Feathers everywhere!!!  I'm also NOT a fan of the fabric.   The gold(ish) pillows don't bother me so much, but the rest have to go.  I'm in the process of finding fabric to have them all recovered, but I'm SO indecisive!!!

Sectional:  Rooms to Go - 3 years ago
Coffee table:  handmade by my brother
Rug:  Lowe's

Here's the little set-up right behind the couch and straight across from the fireplace.  Just a little gallery wall of randomness above an old entertainment center of ours.  I think I'm going to eventually paint the entertainment center, but it'll stay like this until I'm motivated enough to give it a facelift ;)  I don't like the way it's decorated here and I like it much better when it's seasonally decked out.  I never know what to do here and these fantastic horse head bookends eventually earned their home here.  I don't know why I love them, but I do :)

Picture frames:  Michaels
Framed tin plaques and art:  Hobby Lobby
Bookends:  Home Goods (on clearance for $4 each!)
Topiary & vase:  Marshall's
Lantern:  Tuesday Morning
Lamps:  Kirkland's

Just to the right of that little set-up is an open hallway which I also consider part of the living room.  Here's what it looks like from that viewpoint.

As you can see, right behind the other side of the sectional is a little sofa table.  This used to be my mom's and I've always loved it.  It also used to be dark wood, but I lightened it up with some chalk paint because it was a little too dark for the space.  I decorated it with some wire baskets and neutral decor.  

Wire baskets, galvanized tin can, & lavender plant:  Ross
Apothecary jars, white vase & boxwood topiary, cloche, & nests:  Home Goods
Vintage scale:  eBay

The hallway ends at my bedroom and the powder bath on either side of this set-up.  This is my favorite little vignette in the house.  I absolutely LOVE the barnwood sign above the little table, but I love the company even more.  I got this from 25:40 LOVE and each month they feature a charity to give back to, so a portion of your purchase goes to the charity of the month.  I LOVE that.  And seriously, I swoon each time I walk into my room or the powder bath.  It's really stunning and that's one of my favorite bible verses...such a sweet reminder.

Scripture barnwood sign:  24:50 Love
Barnwood table:  Hobby Lobby
Moss balls & stands:  Hobby Lobby
Globe:  Home Goods
Frames:  I made them.  I took two 11x14 canvases and covered them with fabric.  Then I velcroed the 8x10 frames on top (so they'd be easy to change out).  SO very simple!!!!  

So that's it in a nutshell.  My cozy little living room.  Nothing fancy, but it's finally clean.  Halleluia.  Amen.  Praise the Lord.  

We'll take a look at the boy's room next week :)

In the meantime, here's a peek at a few of the other rooms in case you're interested :)


  1. I love your design style!! I find that people really don't decorate anymore, and I truly appreciate all the effort that you give in to putting your home together in such a beautiful way.

  2. This is beautiful! Love all of it! I'm going to save some of these pics for inspiration.

    1. Awww...that's so sweet of you to say! Thank you!!!

  3. Yeah!!! Glad to hear that you are dust-free and relaxing again! Your living room is absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Your house is gorgeous! I love the fireplace wall too! It adds so much decor as is!

    1. Thanks, Olivia! ANd I agree about that fireplace! It would be fine just as is!!

  5. This is so beautiful! Honestly, dream home worthy. Great job on your house!!

    1. That is so kind of you to say, Sammy :) Thank you!!

  6. Love this!! As a newlyish married lady I am slowly but surely collecting things to make our home cozy. Homegoods, Ross, marshalls, etc are my best friend...it's seriously an obsession!! thanks for the inspiration!! You've got such a gift!

    1. Aren't those stores the best?!?!?! An absolute obsession! Right there with you, sister!!

  7. I love it all! You did a fantastic job on your fireplace wall and shelves. I'm also in love with the little gallery wall with the family pic and framed tin pieces.

    1. Thanks, Stacey! That tiny little gallery wall will probably stay there forever because I'm afraid to take it down, lol!!!

  8. Love it! Your living room looks so cozy and relaxing, perfect place to play board games and kick back with some Netflix! I love the way you've decorated your built-ins. But I know what you mean. We have built-ins in our office, and I've had trouble decorating them. Why are built-ins so hard?! #thestruggleisreal Will you do a post soon with your fall/halloween decor? :) :)

    1. Netflix...YES!!!! That couch swallows me whole when it's movie time :) And seriously, #thestruggleisSOreal!!!!! I think I'll be posting my Halloween decor either next week or the week after!!! Goodness I love this time of the year!!!

  9. What a beautiful home tour! Thank you so much for the shout out! We appreciate your kindness so very very much!

  10. Can't quit stalking your beautiful room! I do have a question about your built in shelves--are they painted an off white? I do notice your white pitchers still pop. (I am contemplating chalk painting my buffet in old white but want my white pitchers to not fade into the background.)

  11. Wood beams are a must! They will add so much character...even though it's already gorgeous!