Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What the Teacher Wore Wednesday

It's June!!!  And we have one half day left of school.  Get excited!!!

I'm linking up again with The Pleated Poppy for another round of What I Wore Wednesday.

This week, we've been wearing A LOT of DUST thanks to the remodel of our master bath..

We finally have tile and this girl is excited!!!

I just started wearing this color on my toes.

And we've been wearing LOTS of (cheesy!!!!) smiles in anticipation of the fun summer days ahead!!

I've also been wearing my headphones A LOT.  While I'm cooking the grocery store...watching the kids play outside...working...listening to these podcasts.  

I'm sure I'm the last person on Earth to listen to Serial, but I was hooked after the first episode.  SO fascinating!

I didn't want it to end and thank goodness it didn't!!  After finishing up with Serial, I started Undisclosed.  Different narrators, but just as interesting.  This case is fascinating to me.

And while I'm waiting for new updates and episodes from Undisclosed, I've been tuning in to Sword & Scale.  To quote Billy Currington, "God is great.  Beer is good.  And people are CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!"

Like I said earlier, we've been living in a cloud of dust the last 6 weeks thanks to our master bath/guest bath remodel/addition.  I've moved out of my room and into the guest room because our room is filthy.  Because they had to tear apart part of our closet ...which you can only get to by going through the bathroom...most of my clothes are covered with a film of dust, too.  Yuck.  Ignore the crummy quality of these sad little pictures below.  As you can see, the mirror has a little film of dust covering it (#keepinitreal) and the lighting...well...there isn't much of it ;)  

I'm not one who loves to wear shorts, but I'm slowly getting over my aversion to this attire because it gets too dang hot to wear jeans when I'm outside. Whenever I do choose to cover my legs during the hot summer days, I always end up feeling like Ross from Friends. Remember that episode?  The one with the leather pants and the baby powder paste?!  I die. I found these shorts at the Gap Outlet when I was up in Dallas a few weeks ago.  They're a linen blend and so comfy.  I love that they sit a little low and aren't too terribly short. I always like to pair my shorts with a flowy type shirt.  This one was a fun $5 find at Marshall's. I will definitely be keeping this outfit on replay in the months to come. (NO idea why these pictures are so distorted!)

Top:  Marshall's (I love this heathered tank,  I just put this one in my cart;  this one isn't anything like it and it doesn't come in gray, but goodness it's darling
Camo Shorts:  Gap Outlet

I threw on this dress for my oldest's first grade award ceremony.  It's quite a bit longer in the back than the front and it fits a bit loose.  I personally love it....the print and the fit.  It's cute with flat sandals and wedges and I like that I can wear it for all sorts of different occasions.  I found these wedges at Ross for a whopping $15!  I was pumped!!!  They're so comfy!!!  I tried to find the same ones online, but because I'm always a season or three behind when it comes to fashion, I couldn't find them anywhere.  Boo!!!!

Dress:  Marshall's
Shoes:  Seychelles Manhattan Wedge (THESE are very similar)

When I went to Round Top back in April I visited a lot of darling clothing boutiques.  I found the cutest kimono and wanted to pull the trigger, but I couldn't justify the $50 price tag for something I didn't think I'd wear very often.  Seemed a bit frivolous, so I put it back on the rack.  As I was headed home, I stopped by Sam Moon.  The one I visited has a pretty decent sized clothing section and there was a rack chock full of kimonos.  I found the EXACT same feathered kimono at Sam Moon that I found in Round Top for a fraction of the cost.  SOLD!!!!  I love finding a good deal!!! My husband?!  Notsomuch.  He stands by the idea that you aren't saving money if you're spending it ;)  Bless.

Kimono:  Feather Print Fringe Hem, Sam Moon ( but you can find the exact same one HERE, and HERE, and HERE . It was only $12 at Sam Moon!!!!)
Black Tank:  Old Navy (looks like they're sold out of black unless I just can't see it, but there are lots of fun colors still available)
Jewelry:  Earrings - Kendra Scott Sophee Earrings in Gold;  Necklace - Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace in White Pearl

I love following Dottie Couture on IG.  When this little jumpsuit flashed across my feed, I had to have it.  They have super fast shipping so I received it in just a few short days.  I wasn't expecting it to be as long as it was, so I'll definitely have to have the pants hemmed.  That to be said, I adore this outfit!  It's a great fit and super comfy.  I haven't had the chance to take it in for alterations, so I just wore it with my new wedges instead. Isn't that pom pom trim the cutest?!  And take a look at that amazingly DIRTY mirror.  What in the?!?!  The white spots on the bottom of the jumpsuit are foundation...and they're on the mirror..not my pants. #dearlord

Shoes:  Seychelles Manhattan Wedge  (THESE are very similar)
Jewelry:  Earrings - Kendra Scott Sophee Earrings in Gold;

And Old Navy for the win...again.  I love wearing dresses and when I found this striped number on the clearance rack....and in our school colors....I scooped it up.  It's pretty cute paired with a denim jacket, too.  I just noticed that it's on sale today for $18, but if you use the code DELIGHT you'll get an additional 30% off your purchase.  I love a good Old Navy deal!!!

Dress:  Old Navy 
Necklace:  Sam Moon

I'm hoping to wash off the film of dust this weekend!!!  They're projecting our bathroom will be finished by Friday. I'm not counting on it, but goodness, I'm hopeful!!!  


  1. Where did you get the duvet cover? It is so pretty.

  2. 1. That jumpsuit (no other words needed!)
    2. Love the tile in your bathroom
    3. We only have a half day left as well #ptl

  3. I remember just sitting in the the driveway, in my school parking lot, at the grocery store...waiting to get to the end of the Serial episode I was on. I will definitely have to check out Undisclosed.

  4. Love the dusty mirror. The first time I ever tried to take pictures of myself after I got my first Stitch Fix, I took pictures, went downstairs and opened them up on my computer. I realized that my mirror was SO dusty!! I didn't have an excuse of a remodel though. It was just dusty because I never cleaned it. lol!