Thursday, November 20, 2014

This is How Life Looks...

So far, life this week looks like this...

An asthma diagnosis after years of being labeled with "reactive airway disease".  I'm happy we finally have real answers and treatment because with treatment comes relief!  Bless his heart!!!

Speaking of treatment...this is what my dining room table looks like...

And the bill for that med in the middle?!?!?!  That looked like this...

"I have the most AMAZING insurance!!!!", said no teacher ever.  
But hey...I saved $13.58!!!! {{I hope you can read the sarcasm}}

As much as I hated how that bill looked, I loved that it helped my sweet boy look like this after a string of sleepless nights and cough filled days.  This is a look I haven't seen in forever.  

Praise Jesus!!!

In the interest of keeping things "real", this is what my house looks like at this very second...

But that's because my kitchen looks like this....

We're *almost* there!!!  

I'll be back next week with all things guides...traditions...decor...and some fun ideas for that mischeivous little elf on the shelf!  Of course, I'll be posting a few things about Thanksgiving too, and some really yummy holiday recipes!!!  

 I hope you'll join me for all the fun!  


  1. Ugh!! What a pain (in the figurative butt, and the literal wallet), but so glad your kiddo is feeling better!!
    Don't worry about the mess--it'll allllll be taken care of soon!! Sending lots of hugs your way, girl!!

  2. Two of my kiddos have asthma and it is so scary! I am glad he is doing better!

  3. My son has asthma that is brought on by colds. Every cold he gets settles in his chest and he now uses budesonide daily from around September-May. Last year our Dr was going to increase our dose and it was going to cost us $500 even with really good insurance. But we are on a lower dose that has a generic and it hardly costs us anything. If he will be using it as a maintenance med in the future, I would encourage you to talk to your Dr. about how he writes the prescription and maybe you can get the lower dose and double it instead. This is our 3rd year using it, and it really has made a huge difference for us during cold and flu season. We hardly ever have to do breathing treatments anymore when before it was a weekly thing. Hope he feels better soon!

  4. Yay for a final diagnosis and helpful meds!
    Booooo for that price tag.
    Yay for an almost finished kitchen!

  5. Glad you have some answers!! My guy was 2 when he passed out in my arms from the same thing. He is 12 and strong as can be now! So glad for modern medicine, asthma can be scary stuff. We had the same little duck mask :)

    Needing some gift ideas..I will stay tuned!

    1. I would be a wreck if that happened to me!!! SO glad to hear your not-so-little-one is so much better now!!!

  6. First of all: SO GLAD to hear you have found a remedy (albeit a very EXPENSIVE one) for your little guy. Poor fella! You'll enjoy your time off with him and the holidays to come now that you have some answers and solutions.

    Now...onto the fun stuff....Cara, this is why I LOVE you. You keep it REAL. Just when I need it, when I'm pulling my own hair out b/c I'm behind on decorating due to report cards/conferences or doing a major cleaning/redecorating and the mess is awful just before it looks go and post something that reminds me that IT IS OKAY! I figure HECK, if Cara's house gets cluttered during a major project, then I'm not going to sweat that mine does, too. HA!

    ....and saving the best for last (I know this comment is the length of a dissertation--sorry!)..... I CANNOT WAIT for your holiday posts. They are always my favorite and really do spread holiday cheer (all the way from TX to Chicago!). I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving and the countdown to Christmas! All the best to you and your darling little family.
    It's Elementary, My Dear!

    1. You are always so sweet, Lindsey! Hope you're enjoying your Chicago weather! Aaaah!!! I have a layover there on the 7th & 10th. Hoping the weather there is good those days ... flying is NOT my favorite! And if you could see my house right now, I swear you'd feel A TON better ;)

  7. I'm so sorry that your poor little guy had to go through that, but thankful you have a diagnosis. :) My youngest has had the same problems and when she's bad, she's bad. :( She was on the same meds, but she's off Budesonide and on Advair now. We still are working with Albuterol and now a newer one that I haven't learned the name for yet. Bad mom. I hope he's feeling better! And that you can all rest easier because in my mind there's nothing worse than your baby coughing and struggling to breathe.
    Hope you're family had an AMAZING Thanksgiving!