Monday, September 1, 2014

Orange You Glad?!

Remember last week when I told you how much I love my boys teachers?!  I wasn't kidding.  I know how hard and tiring that first week of school can be.  And to anyone who's ever taught before, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about...

Can I get an amen?!

Needless to say, I really wanted the boys teachers to know how much I appreciate them and what they do for my kids.  I know the sacrifices they make.  The late nights.  The 18 hour days.  The missed dinners.  And bedtime prayers with the kids.  And the mind numbing exhaustion which doesn't seem to let up until sometime around June :)  I appreciate them more than they know.

I won't be sending little gift baskets to school every week.  I'm pretty sure I'm finished for a while.  But I will send them little things every now and then.  It's nice to feel appreciated and to know that what you do is acknowledged.  Especially that first week.  

After sending the teachers their survival kits on the first day, I decided to end the week with a small little basket of fun to wish them a happy weekend.  There's no better weekend than the weekend following the first week of school...especially when it's a 3-day weekend.  WELL DESERVED for sure!

This idea is nothing new.  I didn't create it.  I just borrowed it.  And you can find lots of them on Pinterest.  Here's my little take....

And here's what we put inside...

Orange basket, ribbon, and mini clip chalkboard were all found in the party section at Hobby Lobby.  
Of course, you could add your own perfect spin and put in anything orange you can find, too.  

I tucked all the goodies into a spare piece of burlap I had hanging around and then sent the boys off to school.  Uh...should've rethought that whole idea.  They had quite the time getting out of the car and carrying them inside.  Whoops!  

I went ahead and changed the printable to say "Have a great weekend!" instead of "Have a great 3-day weekend!" so that they can be used any time of the year :)  You can download a printable copy by clicking on the pic below.

Orange you glad it's Labor Day?!  I love time off to spend with my family....and I'm off to do just that!


  1. That would be a pretty cool thing to get.

  2. That is adorable. Speaking as a teacher, I know they appreciate your acknowledgment. It is exhausting but also gratifying beginning a new year with new kiddos.

  3. This is so sweet. As a teacher, I would be flattered to receive such a thoughtful gift of appreciation after the end of the first week!

  4. That is SO nice. As a resource teacher, I know that these little gestures are SO appreciated. I'm sure your boys' teachers loved that you thought of them.

  5. Well I'm glad you shared this idea with the rest of us! :o)


  6. I love this idea too! Keep them coming and hopefully I'll remember them whenever I have kids :)