Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School

 For most schools here in Texas, yesterday was the first day of school.  This is an event my boys have been anticipating for the last month.  Once all of our summer travels were over, they would excitedly ask, "when do we go back to school??!?!?!?!?"    For the last few weeks ,the excitement has been building.  The boys met their teachers last week and they haven't been able to stop talking about school since they walked out of their brand new classrooms on "Meet the Teacher" night.  Excited would be an understatement...for all of us ;)

I decided to do a little something special for their first day back.  This was completely unnecessary and over the top.  Ridiculous and absurd.  {Insert your adjectives here}.  BUT...every now and then I like to do things that surprise even myself ;)  And it was an added bonus that I didn't have to buy ONE.DARN.THING for this little special back to school breakfast!  Being a teacher with lots of goodies on hand sure has it's perks ;)

Like I said, I had everything on hand.  I randomly collect globes, so yes...I had those, too.  The only thing I really had to do was print out those little subway prints and put them in a few extra frames I had in my closet.   I haven't done anything like this in forever and I forgot how much I really do enjoy it.  Lawd knows this may never happen again ;)

My youngest, Grant,  woke up in a terrible, horrible, no good mood {I'm blaming it on the nerves} and my oldest, Landon,  was FIRED.UP.  He was SO excited about his special back to school breakfast.  Grant pretty much told me it wasn't that cool and refused to eat the blueberry muffins and fruit I woke up early to make from scratch.  So honey buns it was....nothing like a big plate of processed food for breakfast.  No time for arguing on the first day.  At least he sat at the table to eat.  We'll call it a success :)

After breakfast, Grant was in much better spirits.   He was even willing to take our annual first day pics.  Landon has started to do this funky I'm-smiling-but-I'm-really-not-smiling kind of smile and that's always fun to look at after the fact.  Bless.  Gosh dang I love these boys.  Fake smiles and all ;)

I made their little first day prints in the frames.  If you have kids going back to school this week or next, you can make these, too!  I created a little power point file with grades Pre-K - 5th and all you have to do is insert your info.  Here's the fonts you'll need...

You can download the power point and insert all of your own info :)

I know I told you this before, but I absolutely LOVE the boys teachers.  They are so sweet and so precious.  I know it's going to be an AWESOME year!!!!  Because I love teachers so much, I REALLY love to treat the boys teachers to little unexpected goodies throughout the year. There are a MILLION of these floating around out there, but I went and recreated the wheel because these are the "favorites" I wanted to know from their teachers.  There are lots of other teacher questionnaires out there, but they didn't have all these exact "favorites" included.  If this is something you think you can use, just click the pic below to download your copy.  

Speaking of little treats, I made these for the teachers for their first day of school!

I LOVED putting this together!!  I got plain terra cotta pots {Michaels} and painted them with black acrylic paint.  They dry in about 2 minutes so this was a SUPER quick project.  Then I just took a white paint pen and wrote the teachers last names on the surface.  I found that great little leopard print burlap ribbon and Michaels and used that to tie around the rim.  I only needed one roll of the ribbon.  Our school colors are blue & white.  I found that polka dotted tissue paper in the party section at Target.  Then I just started piling all the goodies inside.

Here's what I included....

There are TONS of ideas for teacher survival kits on Pinterest if you're wanting to assemble your own!

I tied little tags around each item with a little "blurb" about what it was for.  I did this BEFORE I realized it would've been easier to just type up a little something to put in the basket.  

If you want to create a little survival kit for your child's teacher...or your teammates...just click on the pic below for your printable download.

Well that sure felt good to just dive right back in and start blogging after such a long hiatus!  I've been stockpiling recipes and randomness to share.  And I have a new blog design coming SOON!  Can't wait to get back on this train :)


  1. love your teacher survival baskets!! so cute!

  2. Can I just say that you are AUUUHHHMAZING!!!! You make me want to go back to being a first grade teacher:) I am very technologically challenged and am having a hard time getting text into the First Day frame power point...any help would be greatly appreciated! Keep inspiring:)

  3. Major points to you on your first day of school awesomeness! :o)