Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Laundry Room Makeover

It’s almost moving day for us and I just realized I never shared our laundry room makeover with you!  We’ve lived in this little house for the last 5 years and have been meaning to update and makeover A LOT of rooms.  This was supposed to be the year of makeovers, but God had different plans for us and we’re leaving our first family home for another one…5 hours south  :)

Our laundry room was more like a junk room.  A catch-all of sorts.  ALWAYS a hot mess.  When we moved in 5 years ago, I painted it, threw a few things up on the wall, and left it alone.  Never touched it again.  I decided to capture it in all its glory, so what you’re about to see may astound you.  Real life, people.  Real life.


I told you.  Sadsville.  Ick-o rug.  Dog food galore.  No storage.  Just a MESS!!!!!!!!!!  Sadly, this is pretty much how it looked 90% of the time!

It was just one of those rooms that I couldn’t figure out.  Out of sight, out of mind.  The tiny little dresser stored all of my table linens.  The basket on the dresser stored junk mail, and an assortment of random laundry detergents.  For as much space as we had, we sure didn’t utilize it very well!!!!  A little guest powder bath is off to the right, so when we’d have company over, we’d pretty much take all the excess junk, throw it in a laundry basket, and toss it in the garage. 

LaundryRoomMakeover2   LaundryRoomMakeover3

At the beginning of the year, I started poring over different mudroom/laundry room pins on Pinterest.  I was determined to make ours functional…and cute, too :) I’m usually the kind of person who gets an idea in my mind and immediately goes for it, but this time I decided to be really intentional.  Something I really need to do more often!  Who knew?!  Mr. Spouse and I talked for a few weeks about what we wanted to do…we sketched out a plan…and we put it into action.  Go ahead and mark that down as a first…and probably last.  We’re NEVER that organized…especially when it comes to home projects!!!!! 

This post was the source of my inspiration…and where we got the instructions for the board & batten :)


via Just a Girl

I LOVED the idea of adding board and batten to our laundry room. I wanted something clean and simple…and I definitely wanted storage.  A functional laundry room was a must!!!  Mr. Spouse and I decided on a grey color for the walls.  That dark(ish) tan made the room feel so much smaller than it is. SO…Mr. Spouse started by tearing down the shelf above the washer & dryer and then we cleaned out the room.  Then we started painting.

LaundryMakeover4  LaundryMakeover5

Mr. Spouse was in charge of the board & batten…I just had to paint it!  It was definitely a learning process, but I’m SO proud of him!  He pretty much rocked it out and everything turned out just how we pictured!

IMG_0427  IMG_0428

He also ripped out the molding that was around the doors and then adding something a little chunkier with the little details around the edges.  We had to paint the backs of the doors as well since the color looked more like an off-white after the board & batten was added.

It was a LONG process, but not because it was difficult to finish.  We just d-r-a-g-g-e-d our feet like nobody’s business. When it was finally finished, we sat back and swooned.  We LOVE IT!!!!


Total cost for the makeover…about $550! 

Board & Batten + Door Trim = $65 {we had A LOT of wood leftover.  Definitely over purchased!}

Paint = $70

Cabinets = $300 {from Ikea}

Bench Storage/Shoe Cubbies = $75 {Martha Stewart from Home Depot}

3 Hooks for the Wall Above the Storage Bench = $15 {from Lowe’s}

Wall Art in between the cabinets = FREE!!!!  {I just spray painted our door mat white!!!! Another Pinterest inspired idea ;)}


I REALLY wanted to buy a cute chevron grey/white rug for that space, but it never happened.  And then we put our house on the market, so I said ‘to heck with it!!!’.  Just another something to clean ;)  I absolutely LOVE this little space & I’m seriously SAD about leaving it!  It’s so functional….and CLEAN!!!!  The storage made all the difference.  And so did the paint color, if you ask me. 

I can already see many more board & batten projects in our new house.  Now to get Mr. Spouse on board with that idea…


  1. Beautiful Cara! Just think of all the fun projects you'll get to do in your new house!

  2. great job it looks so calming makes doing laundry not so dreadful

  3. You both did a fabulous job! Pinterest-worthy for sure. Well done!

  4. That seriously looks amazing! And I can't wait to redo my new laundry room when I get my new house!!

  5. Wow that looks awesome! I wish my husband and I were crafty!

  6. I LOVE THIS! Our laundry room is a disaster at the moment. We haven't touched it since we moved in a year ago but it desperately needs some attention.

  7. Shut the front door! That looks AMAZING! I wish you would come to my house for some makeovers!

  8. Wow, this makeover looks great! Doesn't even look like the same room!

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  10. Would love this in my dining room!