Saturday, January 7, 2012

As Requested & Cookin' With Coolio

Alright y'all.  I've gotten some requests to make my recipes printable.  You mean you don't like writing things by hand?!   Not convenient enough for ya?!  I kid, I kid.  I *think* I learned how to make that possible, so I'm going to try and start on that this weekend.  If any of y'all have any tips for me...or if there's a fast way to make this happen...let me know!! 

In other news, did y'all know that Coolio has a cookbook?!  Who knew?!?!  I kid you not when I tell you I want this in my cookbook collection ASAP.  He cracks me right up. 

If I owned this cookbook, I'd learn how to be a "Kitchen Pimp" and he'd tell me what I need in my "pimptry".  Genius.  The first item on his list...and I quote..."a set of big ass knives."    Well said,  Coolio.  Well said.


  1. I just have my laptop or iPad on the counter & follow the recipes that way. Super easy! Love your blog!!

  2. If you figure out how to do it in a simple way that would be awesome!! I admit ive skipped a line or two when scrolling down but that's my own fault. Hope you find an easy way to do it!

  3. I'm not sure if I have a good answer, but what I do is cut and paste the recipes into a word document and then print. I don't save them on the computer, I just store them in a really cut binder I picked up from Target (Favorite place on Earth) and keep it in the kitchen with the other cookbooks.

    But maybe you can just make the recipes in a goggle document.

    Thanks for the Coolio Hook up!

  4. Slide, slide, slippity slide! Lol I'm laughing because Coolio was part of my music collection back in the day! Love 90s on 9 on my Sirius radio cause I hear him every now and then! I can only imagine what he is cookin up for that book!

    Thanks for looking into the print option! I made the salad wraps tonight for my lynch tomorrow using my iPod in the kitchen.


  5. He had a youtube series for a while - its hilarious!! I think my fave is episode #2 - Coolio Fork Steak - he kidnaps a college student and shows him how to eat a good meal without spending a lot.
    Definitely worth looking up on youtube!!

  6. I had no idea Coolio had a cookbook! I kinda liked him on the Celebrity Cook Off. :-)