Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Wreath. Are You Sick of These Yet?

Just last weekend, we decorated the inside of the house for Christmas. We like to enjoy our decor as long as we possibly can because we do a lot of traveling over the holidays. even though the inside of our house looks like Christmas, we weren't quite ready to go decorating the outside. We've still got pumpkins and scarecrows adorning our porch. While I was going through my wreath making kick a few weeks back, I made one to hang on our door through the Thanksgiving holidays. Of course, I was totally inspired by this one I found on Pinterest.

Photo via The High Heeled Hostess

Looked easy enough, so I gathered up what I needed and got to work. You'll need a grapevine wreath, some floral moss, hot glue, ribbon, and some pumpkins. I scored these pumpkins at Hobby Lobby. They came in a big box of about 12, all glittered and ready to sparkle. I was It took me a total of 20 minutes to make this wreath. Absolutely couldn't have been easier.


Take your moss in small pieces and glue it to the wreath. I shoved mine in the nooks and crannies so it would stick. This was some MESSY moss. I grabbed 2 bags at Wal Mart in the floral section for $1 a bag. I only used about a bag and a half. Keep on gluing the moss all the way around the wreath.


Once that's all finished, hot glue the pumpkins to the bottom.


Then tie on a pretty little ribbon.





Simple, fast, pretty stinkin' cute. At least I think so. Before I put the ribbon on, I sprayed the wreath with hairspray. Sounds random, but I didn't want the moss falling off all over the place and that seemed to do the trick!!!

The total cost of this project was about $10{ish}.  $5 for the wreath, $2 for the moss, $1.50 for the ribbon, and I got the pumpkins from a big box of glittered goodness I found at Hobby Lobby for $6.  So I’d say that averages out to about $10.  Easy.  Inexpensive.  Cute!!!  My favorite kind of project :)  Now it’s time to start on one for Christmas!


  1. you are SO darn creative :) So cute!!!

  2. I made a similar one from the Pinterest one as well, I loved it! I re-purposed it for holiday by taking the pumpkins off and putting holiday items instead, love how versatile it is! Yours is great!