Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Pinterest Inspired Knock Off

Is anybody else sucked into the black hole otherwise known as “Pinterest”?  I love the way it makes me feel creative when in reality I’ve been sitting on the couch…snacking on chips…drinking a soda…watching the latest rerun of Real Housewives…and browsing pins for hours on end.  I decided to put all my pinning to good use and do a little something to prettify my house.  Enter, the mossy monogram.


photo via First Lady of the House

This was one of those too-easy-to-pass-up kinda crafts.  Seriously took me all of 20 minutes.  I picked up a bag of moss cloth {$7} and a letter {$2} from Hobby Lobby, so this project cost me a total of $9.  Pottery Barn charges a whopping $79 for theirs…


via Pottery Barn

Let’s get this {crafting} party started, shall we?!  Turn your letter over to the backside and set it on top of the back of the moss cloth.  Trace around the letter…leaving about an inch & a half{ish} around the edges and then cut ‘er out.  Now you can flip the letter back over and place the moss cloth on top just to make sure it “fits”.


Make sure your glue gun is nice and heated.  Flip your letter & moss cloth back over and start gluing the edges down.


If you’re anything like me, you can plan on making a hot little mess.  There were parts of the moss cloth that didn’t “fit” over the edge of the letter, so I just cut slits in those areas and it fit like a glove :)  Love.  I added a little burlap “ribbon” to hang it…but I’m not sure where it’s final resting place will be!!!!  Here it is on our pantry door…


But I liked it on our “entertaining” cabinet, too! 


The great thing about these letters is that they’d seriously look darling ANYWHERE.  I’m headed back today to grab the supplies to make a few more.  I want some Halloween inspired letters for my shelves.  I’m thinkin’ a moss covered “BOO” with little touches of cobwebs and spiders would be pretty stinkin’ cute.  Just sayin’…


  1. i am sucked into the whole, I pin half your recipes and post them to there! :)

  2. Wow! Thanks for showing my Mossy Monogram! Your "C" turned out super cute.

  3. SO cute! I just stumbled on your blog from a Pinterest recipe and I'm so glad. I'm also a teacher with 2 little ones (girls) and my husband is a Principal. It cracks me up to see "game" on your menu with something quick and easy for you and your boys - that's US! I'm constantly asking him which nights he'll be home.

    With the return of school (after 5 months of maternity leave) I was determined not to spend forever in the kitchen so I have plenty of time with my little loves in the evening. 2 nights of crockpot, 1 night freezer dinner, 1 leftove, 1 quick n' easy. It's helpming me maintain what little sanity I have and I love reading about other's in a similar situation! Thanks for the great recipes, I'll definitely be following you!