Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Can’t Get Away

My sweet friend, Jodi, recently said to me, “you guys really love Mexican food”. After all, the majority of recipes I share are definitely Mexican in nature. I had to laugh a little because, while I do like Mexican food, it’s not my favorite at all. It’s just the easiest, and sometimes cheapest, to make! And I feel like I can’t fail when it comes to Mexican food. I guess I do gravitate towards these types of recipes, so here’s yet ANOTHER one to share :) And seriously, it’s pretty dang amazing!!!


1 pkg. frozen or refrigerated ravioli {I used Buitoni}

1 {10oz.} can enchilada sauce {I used Old El Paso}

1 {16oz.} jar salsa {I LOVE Joe T. Garcia’s, Medium!}

2 cups shredded Colby/Monterrey Jack cheese

Sliced black olives, optional

Now, when I say this is easy…and takes NO time…I couldn’t be more serious.


Cook ravioli according to package. A whopping 9 minutes is what it took for me! The original recipe called for frozen beef ravioli, but I couldn’t find any and I really love the Buitoni cheese ravioli the best. Mmmmmm…. These come two different package sizes and I’ve found that the large size is the BEST!!! Just enough for leftovers {for one} :)


While the ravioli is cooking, combine the enchilada sauce and the salsa in a skillet, stir well, and heat through. Now, I used the medium version of both sauces and it was SPICY for sure. If you wanna tone it down, grab the mild versions of both :) Personally, the spicier the better :)


Drain ravioli and return to pot. Pour in the salsa/sauce combo and toss to coat evenly. Add 2 cups of shredded monterrey/colby cheese and stir well.




I told you it was easy…and QUICK!!! Total time in the kitchen couldn’t have been more than 15 minutes!!! Now that’s the kinda recipe that has me comin’ back for seconds!!!


This is one of the BEST mexican pasta dishes I’ve ever had. Truly. Even Mr. Spouse raved about it. We opted out on the optional sliced black olives because we’re really not big fans. I’m really glad I couldn’t find the suggested beef ravioli because the combo of the cheesiness on the inside and the gooiness of the cheese on the outside was TO.DIE.FOR. OMG…a little fiesta in my mouth :)


  1. That looks so good! I love all of your Mexican recipes. My husband LOVES Mexican food so I usually can't go wrong there.

  2. I love all things Mexican so I can't wait to try this. You always share the best recipes.

  3. Going to have to put this on the meal plan for next week!!

  4. Mexican food is definitely my favorite so keep the recipes comming! When I get back from vaca this will be the first thing I cook! Can't wait!

  5. I noticed your love for Mexican too, and I have a recipe that I know you will love, its a chicken tostada dish. Email me @, and I will be happy to share it with you.

  6. So funny girl! I do love Mexican and easy, so I shouldn't complain! ;) These last two recipes look delicious!! Can't wait to try them out!! Keep them coming, Mexican or not! :)
    PS Can we PLEASE get together soon! How about Mi Casita (you do love some bean and cheese nachos!!??) :)

  7. All I could find at our store is Rainbow 5 cheese tortellini - random! Do you think it would work with that pasta?? Looks so yummy!!