Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Chandelier Tree & Christmas Bling

I love decorating for the holidays.  My favorite part is pulling out things I bought on sale after Christmas last year.  I love how I forget about everything and then pull it out and go, "Oh ma gawh!  LOVE IT!!  I TOTALLY forgot about this!!!"  Like these cute little treasures I scored from my mother-in-law's PRECIOUS shop...


And these I scored for like, 90% off at Hobby Lobby!!!

           lastyear6 lastyear9


One thing I don't like is decorating my dining room table & chandelier.  That's seriously been the bain of my holiday existence.  I've seen a million different ways to decorate a chandelier...greenery, beading, hanging ornaments, etc., etc., etc.  I've tried a lot of 'em out, but I never really liked any of 'em.  I've also seen a hundred and one ways to decorate a table, but I've never really liked anything I tried out there, either.   Here’s how I had my chandelier decorated last year & the start of this season…

chandelier1Not completely unfortunate, but looking at it in person, well…something was definitely missing.

Now, you must know that my holiday decorating style is a little traditional.  Nothin' too fancy or funky {boring, I guess?!?!  HA!!}...lots of reds, greens, & golds mixed in with TONS of greenery, berries, Santas, and trees.  I really wanted to incorporate that into the dining room somehow and I was SO flippin' excited when I saw the funnest little show on HGTV the other day where they were spotlighting different ways to dress up your chandelier/light fixtures for the holidays.  SCORE!  SO...I immediately headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up what I needed and overall, this is my favorite so far!!!  This is my take on a "Chandelier Tree"...


Whaddya think?! Do you love it?!  Not gonna lie you guys...I reallly do!!!

Definitely my favorite chandelier decoration so far! 

Wanna make your own?! 

This is what you'll need:

A plain wreath

A strand of garland



And anything else you can think to use to decorate it!!

First, you'll need to start with the wreath.  You'll need to place the wreath upside down underneath the base of the chandelier. 


I had to secure my wreath with ribbon.  I tied the wreath to the base on each stem of the chandelier.  Of course, this clearly took a joint effort so Mr. Spouse had to lend a helping hand :)

NOW...take your garland and wrap it around the chain of your light fixture. 

chandelier4 chandelier5

It's gonna look pretty plain, so you'll wanna {or maybe not} dress it up just a bit!

I took some red & gold ribbon and curled it down the sides of the garland, kinda like I would do on a Christmas tree.  Once that was in place, I filled in the gaps with some ornaments & berries & then attached a fun & frivolous tassel {I freakin' LOVE tassels} to the center of my chandelier. 


I really do love it!  And the best part about everything?!!  ALL of my supplies were on sale! 

Wreath: $4

Garland: $4

Ribbon: $4

Ornaments & Berries:  Free {cuz' I already had 'em on hand :)}

Total Cost:  $12  {That's like a Thursday night dinner at Sonic}

Knowing that I have a brand new light fixture arrangement to look at, I had to have a new centerpiece for the table, too!  Y'all.  I'll be honest.  I'm just excited the table isn't covered in drop cloths & paint supplies.  This is the first time I've seen the table in MONTHS.

Anywho...I felt like I needed a little Christmas BLING, but bling gets pricey.  I don't know about y'all, but I prefer to buy my Christmas decorations AFTER the holidays because I hate paying full price for anything...I'm cheap like that.  Now, I didn't originally intend for this to be my centerpiece...I had my apothecary jars filled to the brim with ornaments & ready to be put on the table...but this little project just sorta took on a life of it's own in the wee small hours of the morning {y' at 1 am on a work night}. 


Whaddya think?!?!  Too much??  Not enough??  Gaudy??  Too college-style??  Personally, I LOVE it. 

I took one of my favorite little trays and placed 4 different candleholders {tall, medium, short, really short} in the center.  Then I took my favorite Dollar Tree ornaments and poured them all over the top of the tray & around the candleholders.  Now, these sweet little bling bling Christmas trees were another fun find at the Dollar Tree!!  I just placed 'em on top of the candleholders and voila!  Super inexpensive, fun, & frivolous!!!

chandelier5I’m thinkin’ about addin’ some cute ribbon to the candlesticks.  What do you think??

Trees:  $1 each

Ornaments: $1 for each set

Tray & Candlesticks: Stolen from different rooms in my house :)

Total cost: $7

And here’s how it all looks together…

chandelier4I’m lovin’ my fun new look this year!!!

Now I wanna steal see your dining room table & chandelier decorations.  Bring on the cuteness!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh...this is the cutest thing EVER!!!!! I am so going to do the Chandelier Tree!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, you are amazing! I started following your blog a few years ago and I am in love with your new blog! I made a few of your recipes and they were so easy and super tasty!

    Do you mind if I add a link to this blog from mine? I think my friends would love it! :)

    Thanks for sharing all of your fun recipes and crafts!!!


  3. Are you freakin' kidding me! This is so awesome - it makes me a little sad that we turned our dining room into Avery's play pit. AMAZING! And does the MIL have an online store - seriously how do I score some of those fat little Santas - I want them bad!

    Can you show us what you do to your mantle and any tips for that?

  4. I LOVE the way they both turned out. I am a bit challenged in the Holiday Decorating department. It is never just right and I always feel like it is too much or not enought or just plain ugly. You have inspired me to try some new things.

  5. well hi there my creative friend, you BLOW ME AWAY! That chandelier upside down "tree" looks AMAZING, and like a pro did it! i asked you this in person, but I'll ask it again - WHERE DO YOU FIND THE ENERGY FOR ALL OF THIS?! you're incredible!

    And P.S. this is my favorite line of the whole post:
    Whaddya think?!?! Too much?? Not enough?? Gaudy?? Too college-style?? Personally, I LOVE it.

    The fact that you even think to say, "too college-style??" is exactly why I love you. I LOVE EVERYTHING - it all looks freakin' fabulous friend!!

  6. This is very cute and super easy! How creative! Makes me want to get downstairs and finish the decorating in my dining room! It's the catchall for the Christmas presents---no kids allowed! Must get busy and wrap them all, to clear the table! Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. I love the way you decorate....wish I had a small bit of your talent and creativity! I wander Hobby Lobby aimlessly thinking "this stuff is all so pretty...what in the world would I do with it?"

    and yes....where do you get your time and energy...I need some of that!

  8. Sweet Friend... will you come to my house and help me?!?! I just don't have that creative knack that you have. And, while we are at it, will you go shopping with me??? You know I need serious help!!!! Your chandlier tree is AMAZING!!! But, I would expect nothing less from you!!! I love it all!!!!

  9. It looks beautiful! I've been looking at my lights too, wondering if I should do anything with them. You got me thinking!!


  10. um. wow.

    you're hands down the most creative person i know!!! WOW! the dining room looks fantastic! really fantastic!

    and i cracked up at the "college style" too! you are hysterical...and have mad talent!!! :)

  11. New follower here. love this centerpiece and your chandelier tree!

  12. I am so totally doing the chandelier Xmas tree this year, it is a fabulous idea, I will send you a pic when I am done, LOVE IT! I'll also be making the ornament wreath, thanks for sharing!!

  13. The chandelier is absouluting FABULOUS! I have never decorated mine before.

  14. I LOVE the chandelier!!!! I came upon your picture posted on Pinterest! I'm going to do it tomorrow! (I probably won't sleep tonight hehehe). made it look awesome! Thanks for sharing how to!


  15. OMG- I love this so much I sent it to the other Christmas deco junkies in my office. Then I ran right home and did it myself! I hope you don't mind- I'm going to post a link on my blog

    I want to show that this is a project even the DIY challenged (like me) can do...

  16. hi,thought I was hooking up to a linky party for newb's (I'm new to this) and somehow found you! so happy I did,love your site and will be a follower :) your christmas chandelier is fabulous!

  17. I know its been a few years since you made this but I just found it and I LOVE it!!! Amazing!!!! If I could do that with my dining room light I absolutely would! Alas, it won't work for me, but I LOVE it!!!!!

  18. Awesome...I will be doing this to my chandelier...I love it!

  19. Just finished making my own version! Thanks for the inspiration. My chandelier over the table has always been so hard to decorate, but no more! Merry Christmas!