Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The One Where I Took a Break

Hey y’all!  Remember me?!  I’m that girl who used to blog about recipes, fun DIY projects, home improvement randomness, and a bunch of other stuff.  Then…outta nowhere…I up and disappeared for a couple of months {give or take} with no explanation.  My blog and I were on a break.  Kinda like Ross and Rachel, but with no exciting soundtrack to accompany our split {unless you consider the constant laughter, whining, complaining, arguing, crying, and craziness from my two boys music to your ears ;)}  

Speaking of my two boys, aren’t they presh?!


I think so.  And they’re two of the several reasons I’ve neglected this little ol’ blog…and well, cooking and housekeeping in general :)  And incase you didn’t already know, I’ve been spending most of my time blogging at The First Grade Parade {one of my other little blogs}.  Yes.  It’s true.  Kindergarten teacher by day, wannabe domestic goddess at night.  As you can imagine, after spending a full day with 20 5-year-olds…and then coming home to take care of two boys {4 & 5}…by the time it’s time to cook, I’m SPENT! 

During the school year, that blog gets way more play than this one.  Let’s be honest for a sec…the kitchen only stays messy because A.) housekeeping is not my forte and B.) I’m a raging tornado of messiness in the mornings as I make lunches for my boys.  It’s definitely not because I’m making meals from scratch every night for Mr. Spouse.  My presence as a cook in the kitchen has been sparse…just ask Mr. Spouse.  He’d be jumping at the chance to tell you that’s the truth ;)  And he couldn’t be happier that weekly menus and regular cooking have resumed.

Can he get an AMEN?!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new recipe and you can look for some home improvement projects to start making an appearance SOON!!  Did I tell y’all about the time I was on House Hunters?  If you missed it, you can see it HERE.  Embarrassing, yes…but you can catch some live footage of our “new” house in action…and I can’t wait to share the AFTER pictures with you SOON, too!  This has been a CRAZY year!

In the meantime, head on over to visit the Mix & Match Mama and check out her new series…

50 shades 04 (1)

Today’s post was all about blogging and she’s featuring some great advice from some wonderful bloggers…{myself included. NOT the wonderful part, but I did offer a little advice :)  You can read what we had to say HERE.}  I should have also mentioned that being able to take a break from your blog is totally and perfectly A-Okay!  At least, that’s what I’m telling myself :) 

In the famous last{ish} words of the Terminator, I’ll be back…TOMORROW!  HA! :)


  1. I love House Hunters! Good choice, I would love to live in a house like that!
    Kari :)

  2. Could you be any cuter? I am SO glad to have finally put a voice to that little picture that pops up on your blogs :) Such a fun episode of House Hunters! Looks like your time away from the blog was well spent!

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. I'm so glad you're back! And you're exactly right...sometimes you just have to take a break! Thank you for your advice on my post yesterday. I really, really appreciate it! XOXO

  4. Have MISSED the recipes especially! So glad you're back!

  5. Your boys are the absolute cutest things! When I read Shay's blog yesterday and saw you on there, I said to myself... Hey that's my friend being quoted :) Love you!

  6. So glad you are back! I love your recipes! And I love the fact that you live in Houston (like me), so even though I don't know you, it makes me like you even more!

  7. Cara, your posts always make me smile. I really miss my kids being 4 and 5. They are adorable. Looking forward to your recipes.
    Primary Paradise